Shepherd University-Shepherdstown Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


All of the students are respectful, caring, and responsible. We all look our for each other, and strive to be the best we can be.


They are nice, friendly, and helpful.


The students at Shepherd University are bright and open-minded adults who enjoy all kinds of activities whether it be hanging out at the coffee shop, seeing a movie at the Opera house, watching a play at the Frank Center, or going to Tony's on the weekend for Pizza and dancing.


My classmates attending Shepherd University are very energetic and show all eagerness to be the best, not only in the classroom, but to themselves in general; in turn inspiring me to exceed all expectations and to overcome all obstacles I may encounter as an individual, as well as a student during my education.


My classmates are so diverse and unique that I can't really simplify them down into one sentence, but if I had to, and that's one of my favorite things about them.


The students at Shepherd University are very open and friendly, welcoming me when I first transferred here.


My classmates were very nice people and I enjoyed being in class with them.


I can best describe them as funny and witty.


Diverse. Some very definitely cool people there. The campus is very gay-friendly, but be aware that there were some of people taking advantage of that, some boys have been harassed in the past. Get involved early, go to the Rams Den often, and do the corny student activities. Yes, they are corny but they'll keep you interested and you can win some free stuff -- good stuff. Everyone loves Shepherd, but most of them aren't devoted enough to the academics to stay. The campus is politically aware, but you have to actively look for those people if you want to make a statement or a protest of some sort. There's a large number of nontraditional students. The surrounding community treat Shepherd like a community college-- it's as cheap as one if you live in the area.


My classmates are outgoing, fun, and filled with the passion to learn.


My class mates are somewhat quiet but when called on, are very detailed with their answers!


Typical college students, very diverse although the majority of them were hippies, for the most part everyone was very friendly and relaxed. There were a lot of different social groups, so theres definitely a niche for everyone at this school. Its also a small school, so everyone pretty much knows everyone else.


My classmates are engaged not afraid to say what is on their mind to the professor.


My classmates are very carrying and determined people.