Shepherd University-Shepherdstown Top Questions

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Our school is unique because of how small and open it is. I have never been in a class of more then 35 people, and larger classes are very rare. It makes for a very personal relationship with the professors and one-on-one attention when needed.


Shepherd University is located in a small, close-knit community that feels welcoming to any person attending the college. The teachers and administrators at Shepherd University are qualified and helpful. In every class, I feel as if my teacher would be willing to help me with any problem I should have. Class sizes are small which allows each student to get individual help if needeed. Shepherd University is located near cities, only two hours away from Washington D.C. which could be helpful for anyone wanting to pursue a job in the city.


What is unique is that the Professors truly care by keeping the University classes small so you can get a great education and personal instruction. My friend is very time consuming and demanding and the personal attention given by the Professors is needed.


It has a nice small town atmosphere without being boring.


Shepherd University is unique all together, we as a campus of very different people unite as one. Our campus is very outdoors friendly, we have a very wide range campus. Our campus offers so many programs and great opportunities.


The dining hall is good, though beware if you have a sensitive stomach. There's a big vegetarian push on campus, there's always meat substitutes available. There's no shortage of work on or around campus. You don't need a car, you'll survive without one, but if you plan to go shopping anywhere with brandnames you need someone to drive you to the local Walmart. And for gods sake, do not drive around W.Virginia without directions if you don't know where you are going. Way too easy to get lost. The campus is surrounded by small shops, an ice cream parlor, several restaraunts and a cafe or two. It's an old town but beautiful. I miss the town more than anything.


small town, small town


The size is perfect. There are roughly 5000 students at Shepherd. The town is very welcoming to the students as well and both work hand in hand to create a fun, strong atmosphere.


Less than 6,000 Student, very small town. Its Great! Small class sizes, No huge lectures. Everyone is pretty friendly.


Small, Diverse


This school is unique due to it's welcome atmosphere. Considering Shepherd is a small college the classes are small and personal. This factor allows for great discussions and allows you to become friends with people in your class because you often see them throughout campus and in other classes. The location is also an amazing bonus to attending this college. There are many resources to utalize outdoors and students take full advantage of them.