Shepherd University-Shepherdstown Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I don't really like to brag about school. I have a few friends that couldn't get into school because they didn't have sufficient funds to get in. So I would consider it a tad rude if I were to brag about my school in front of them.


Here's what I would tell anyone who is considering attending Shepherd University. If they offer what you are looking for, come here. It's such a wonderful place to go to school. It's beautiful here and the class sizes are small and personal.


i enjoy the sights that shepherdstown has to offer, its beutiful.


I get an appreciation of the willingness and readiness of the faculty and staff. Everyone wants the students to successed at their university. I love the town and the class sizes. Plus, there are numerous organizations to join that relates to your program of interest and the students are very friendly and have lots of school spirit!


The faculty is very helpful with all questions and concerns with helping you succeed in the field you are earning your degree in.


I tend to brag about the way in which my professors hold the classes. They are always very engaging and interesting. They find ways to keep our interest so that we remember the information better.


How comfortable it feels and the willingness of teachers to help. Shepherd University also offers a wide variety of resources to help study for big exams, they also can provide tutors for all subjects and courses.


The people that I've met there and become such good friends with outside of the classroom.


How everything is so close to it. There are stores and restaurants and shops close by in every town within 3 different states.