Shepherd University-Shepherdstown Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I would say someone that is not interested in the things going on around them should not attend Shepherd University. Everyone that I have met, so far, has been very into knowing not only what is going on in the world, but what is going on around them in the immediate area. This past school year when water was contaminated in the surrounding counties and states, Shepherd students were very concerned and wanted to help out as much as they could. If you don't want to help people, you shouldn't come to Shepherd.


The person that should not attend Shepherd University is someone who is not career focused. Shepherd is very serious about their reputation for career oriented successful graduates. They have a very high percentage rate for my field for job placement upon graduation.


Students looking for a large partying school should not attend Shepherd. The small-town, rural atmosphere combined with the relative quiet pervading the town make Shepherd University a place more favorable for community involvement, outdoor activities, and focus upon academic pursuits. Additionally, while the school does not condone discrimination of any kind, much of the prescribed curriculum is liberal, thus occasionally making the expression of conservative ideals and theories unfavorable at times. A final word of caution: although the campus has expanded its parking facilities, parking continues to remain a problem, especially in inclement weather.


You have to want your degree and you have to work hard at it at this University. It can be challenging at times. All my proffessors and counselors have all been friendly and very helpful. They want you to succeed.


People who like to spend their time partying and going out all the time will not succeed at Shepherd, and they will also find that not that much goes on, even in Greek life. As a leader of a Greek organization, I know how much goes on at the University and compared to other bigger schools there is reletively no partying on or off campus. The shtudents at Shepherd for the most part are dedicated to their work, and truely want to achieve things out of their lives.


artistic, folkie, hippie type people


A person who enjoys getting lost in a crowd and being a number instead of a name and face should not attend this school. If you do not like a quiet atmosphere with beautiful nature surronding you then Shepherd University is not for you. Shepherd, however, is open to anyone who find this campus, and town, a beutiful place to grow, live, and learn. The students here are all open minded and feel free to express their individuality without fear of judgement or outcast. I guarentee that anyone who puts the slightest effort into Shepherd University will not be dissappointed.