Shepherd University-Shepherdstown Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I was a transfer student and had to stay an extra semester because the one class I needed was only offered every two years. So, my advice is to know how frequent the classes are offered or you may extend your stay.


Prior to attending this university, I wish that I would have known more about the internship opportunities offered for freshman students.


I wish I would have known how expensive it was and a way to get more financial aid or more money so i would be able to pay for tuition alot better.


I wish I had known that college English is much different than high school English. I also wish that I would have known that college takes up almost all of your time.




i wish i would of known about soccer walk-on tryouts because im a natural born athlete that can succeed in the sport.


How liberal it was here.


I just wish I would have known about it when I first started college coming out of high school! I enjoy attending Shepherd University and it is the best decision I've ever made!


The dining hall is gross.


There is nothing that I would have wanted to know... Shepherd University provide all information about their school and the programs offered. Shepherd's orientation and educational sections are very educational and give useful information about their school. Shepherd is focused on having students succed in education, rather than trying to push you to attent their school and take your money.