Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone that is able to look for fun in the outdoors.


Someone who is motivated in academic success, as well as a person who is looking to form positive friendships/memories that will last a life time.


To attend Shippensburg University a person must be willing to go to classes and do work, but also know how to let loose a little bit. You should know how to be responsible, but also know how to have some fun so that you enjoy all the activities that Shippensburg University offers.


When I was first applying to schools, I was dead-set on moving to the city. Shippensburg is about the farthest thing from Urban life, but it turned out to be a perfect match for me. It wasn't so big that I got lost in the crowd but it wasn't so small that I felt smothered; it was a perfect size that allowed me to grow as a person. I have my whole life to run around in the city but Ship gave me an oppurtunity to focus on me and my studies.


The type of person that should attend Shippensburg University needs to be focused to learn. Even if that person doesn't know what they want to do and they are trying to find out the path that is right for them. It is all about what you want to learn. If you don't want to learn then college may not be for you.


Shippensburg is a very diverse school which makes a person of any race feel welcome. Everyone on campus is really friendly and eager to help. There really is not set kind of person that should attend. The variety of different personalities is so great that anyone can fit in. I fell in love with the school the first week i was here.


People who are academically motivated but have limited family resources


Anyone who wants to. It is an even mix where the rich and poor can come together and be friends.


If you don't have a clue about what to do with your life, like a majority of college-bound seniors, Shippensburg is a place for you to get on your feet and realize how different college is from the rest of the world. It's a chance to discover who you are and what you stand for.


i dont know, anyone


Students that know what they want out of life and are determined to succeed in the classroom and in their everyday lives. Someone that isn't afraid to ask questions and to push the envelope when it comes to learning and discussing new topics.


Someone who enjoys a small to medium sized college in the middle of nowhere and can be self-motivated.


People who like a small class size and a cozy kind of campus should attend Shippensburg.


Someone who is commited to school and pursuing their educational goals. However, this school grows individuals in whatever area they are striving towards.


I think any type of person could attend Shippensburg; well I mean unless the person is totally a city person and can't stand the suburbs or something. But I truely think that anyone could fit in here at Shippensburg.


Someone who is dedicated to their work and wants to succeed in life. They must want to work hard to achieve goals they have set for their lives.


Someone who is going to college for the sake of going to college. This is more appropriate for students who don't wish to continue to grad school beacuse those who do will find they are unprepared.


I feel that college in general is a great place for everyone to at least attempt, but Ship is specifically great for someone who is looking for a smaller school that is focused on relationship building and growing as an inidividal. Ship may be in the country, however it is very close to many different city type areas such as Harrisburg and DC.