Shoreline Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how we have a huge variety of sports teams and that anyone is welcome to come out and tryout for the teams. Also I really like the look of the school. It has a great vibe to it and makes me excited to go to school every morning and want to learn because of the atmosphere.


I really like that my campus is in a wooded setting. It makes me forget that I live in the city and makes the atmosphere a little more easy-going and peaceful. Also, parking is a lot easier being outside of the city than if I were trying to commute downtown every day.


I like the small community atmosphere, that help is available when you need it and many different ethnic groups attend my school.


It's a small campus.


That it is a great school in so many ways. When they ask about support staff and instructors I can't say enough. You are always encouraged to follow your dream and not to give up. They campus is beautiful and easy to get around in. Programs are always being updated and they follow the business trends to give the best that schools have to offer.