Shorter University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cost for yearly Tuition is high, but the education is worth it!


We have an accelerated class program where you take one class for 5 weeks from begin to end. It can sometimes be difficult to grasp complicated subjects. Many projects are done alone or with a learning team.


The wost thing about my school is that students don't have access to the Riverdale campus 24 /7. Not all students have computers and printers availible to them which makes it difficult for students.


At freshman seminars, camps, and summits, they do not tell the student everything they need to know. they did not tell me how to look my books up or how to do any of the paper work. Besides that and that there isnt enough parking, the school is great!


The school is a very stong Christain focus in all the events. This can become a little overwhelming for a new student.


The wors thing about Shorter College is the food. A meal plan is mandatory for all students, if you use it or don't.