Shorter University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Be a a more deicated student in my freshman year!


Kristal, life is not about worrying over the things from the past, but to surpass those memories and make new ones. Live happily and forget such horrid events; life is beautiful and what you make it is what it will turn out to be. It is all in the decisions you make and the time it may take, it will come fast while others will come slow. However, God created us equally different the reason who knows. What you should do and be is the best of your ability fighting for whats right and in what you believe. This is a huge step into a new beginning do not be afaid because the dreams that were only visible at night in the closing of the eyes will become reality into a world created by God. God knows your plans and your future, it is your job to just hold his hand as he paints the picture, receiving education even through the smallest instructions. Kristal do not hold back you want and need to help your parents continue the base that was started. You are the future they left everything behind for, and if it is not now then when!


I would tell myself to try to find more scholarships to apply for and spend more time preparing for college, including sending AP score reports to the college I enrolled in so that I wouldn't have to retake English because the college didn't accept the scores because I was already enrolled in the class. Other than that I might also tell myself to relax because so far college isn't as hard as I expected it to be and I spent to much time worrying about how difficult it would be. Finally I would tell myself to better enjoy the freetime that I had back in highschool because there is even less when you are in college and to save more money for college.


Don't be afraid to pursue the career that you have always wanted! You have always wanted to be an early childhood educator, but those around you are telling you that you need to become a physician, so you can help people. Don't be afraid to tell them that there is no other career more profoundly able to help others than becoming a teacher! It is the most noble profession of all. You should gently (or not so gently, if needed) tell those who are pushing you into a career in which you are not interested that no other profession would be possible without excellent elementary school teachers. Aren't they glad that someone taught their physician to read when he was a child? Your career will matter the most to others if it is one you choose. Don't be fooled into thinking that entering a lucrative field, such as medicine will instantly offer you happiness or financial success. A lot of physicians do not ever admit that their student loans must be mortgaged over 30 year student loans, or that they sacrifice more time with their families on holidays than they would like to admit. BE YOURSELF!


you dont need to rush to get everything ready for the first day of school. Because my home is not too far I can take my time with packing. I do seasonal packing that way my dorm room is not too crowded.


If I could go back to my high school senior self, I would stress the importance of college. I would explain how it takes dedication and determination to graduate college, but that it is worth every minute you put into it. I would also tell myself to take time to live on a college campus, explore life in other countries, experience life, because you never find a better time to do it in the future. My rush to be married and a mother prevented me from reaching my educational dreams earlier in life. I have wasted time and energy in jobs that do not appreciate me, only to replace me with someone younger and less experienced. Finally, twenty years later, I am finally getting to experience my dreams, albiet a little differently than I would have chosen at that time. Finally, I would tell myself to experience college life without holding back, learning with gusto! It is far more important to be educated and intelligent than it is to be popular. Respect is earned by the degrees you earn and the knowledge you can impart on the world, by making it a better place for future generations.


Dear Michelle, College is different than high school in so many ways. The world treats adults with more freedom. You see in high school we would get pulled up by deans, teachers and other staff on our attendance or misbehaviors. In college, there are people who care but you must use self-discipline to keep up with your class work and attendance. No one really has the time and effort to be pushing you to do something you do not want to do. For that reason you must decide if you are truly ready for college. If so then make sure you push yourself to handle your responsibilities. I have learned that you never know whose hand you will need or vice versa. In addition to these points, it is essential that you stay on top of class material. As you get through the semesters the work gets harder and longer. However, if you pay attention and start your assignments right away you will avoid such complications: plagiarism, a waste of your time, the professor’s and classmates’ time, and plain F’s on your transcript. I wish you well on all your endeavors. Always aim high. Respectfully, Your friend


Start applying for colleges as soon as possible. Search out and apply for scholarships right now. Keep up with school work and grades, don't slack! At the same time don't get stressed out about school work; school is important, but worrying only hurts you; just accept what has happened in the past and plan for the future; control the grade, don't let it control you. Excercise your body so you can excercise your mind. Be more of a producer and less of a consumer, even in high school. Be creative and chase what you're passionate about as hard as you can. Pray without ceasing. Don't trust in your own strength to get you through the education, tests, sports, or anything else; ONLY trust in God's strength to get you through each and every day.


have fun, do all that you can and more, dont be afraid to take on challenges


If I could go back in time and warn myself about college, I would tell myself to take all of my academic classes serious to maintain a high GPA. I would also tell myself to study for the ACT/SAT so that I would have I higher score and be able to get better chances at an academic scholarship. I would tell myself that most institutions don't just look at grades. It's a combination of GPA and test scores. I would tell my freshman self to start out really strong so that I stay motivated throughout high school.


I would tell myself that I needed to work on my time management skills more. High school was not as time oriented as college is and I would have liked to have more of an understanding of this skill.


Go to college and concentrate on your studies. It will be over before you know it and you will be all the better for having stuck with it and for having done your very best. You will make a lot of new and good friends too! It is so worth the work!


Dear High School Melonie, GO TO GEORGIA TECH OR SOUTHERN POLY!!! Please just believe me on this. Shorter is a nice place, but it is not well suited for what you will find you love most, programming. If you don't believe me, take a programming class at one of the local schools before graduating and you will see the truth. There have been some unforgettable people that I have met at Shorter including some amazing faculty and the financial aid staff, but this place is not well suited for our career goals. Do yourself a favor: find a way to get to know Dr. Chuck Pearson, Dr. Anthony Nichols, Dr. Patricia Dewitt, and Richard Hayden Self. You'll love Hayden, literally. The others are mentors and friends who will help you through difficult times. I am currently attending Southern Poly for a masters in Software Engineering and it is wonderful. The facilities are well-maintained and very tech savvy. It is amazing and I wish I had come here sooner. Please do us this favor, go here instead of Shorter but find a way to still meet those important people. Love, Future Melonie & Hayden Self


I would have told myself to stay focused and do not procrastinate and get your education. I should have started my degree when I first came to this country and my brain was young and fresh.


If only I really could! Looking back at highschool senior days I miss them so much, and i thought that I would be finished after that... oh was I wrong. If I could tell myself anything it would be to apply for more scholarships because any help that my family was, is no more since my dad broke his leg back in September and has not been able to return to work due to complications. Also, I would teel myself to take some extra dual enrollment classes to get a jumpstart on college and help myself out in the long run. The transition from high school to college was very stressful for me so I would tell myself not to forget just to stop and take a deep breath every once in awhile, because everything is going to be alright.


As a high school senior I was always thinking time could not go by any slower. Looking back now I wish time would have, indeed gone by much slower. I would tell myself to take it slow and spend as much time as you can with family and friends. I would explain to myself that life goes by so fast and it seems to go by even faster once you are in college. I would also tell myself that at this point in time you may think that you want to just get away from your old life and experience the real world. Well the reality is that the real world is tough and you will, weather or not you want to admit it or not, miss your old life and your friends and family you are going to leave behind.


Hi little girl. I miss you and love you very much. I know that you have a lot of things going on in your life and you think that you could never pay for school. I just want you to know, it is easier to get to school than you think. You have the brains and ambition to follow your dreams. Please don't let life get in your way. There are many opportunities available to you, and all you have to do is go for it. Don't be afraid. There are Colleges where you would feel at home and help you down the path to a career you could be proud of. Just because your parents didn't finish school and they don't understand how to help you get there, don't let that stop you. Take the initiative yourself and find out what opportunities are out there. You can do it!


I would tell myself that I should attend college right out of high school and before I got married. Always strive for the best and expect the best in return. Never let anyone tell you that you can't because you can.


The greatest thing I have received from my college experience has been a sense of belonging and the ability to lead. Shorter is such an amazing campus and University. Without a doubt, the people at this school, including students, faculty and staff, are amazing people who genuinely care about you and love you. The people I have met will remain close to me for the rest of my life. Because the people are so friendly, there is a drive to get involved on Shorter's campus. I have been involved in so many things since I started attending Shorter and it has transformed me into a great leader and a better person. I have learned what it means to lead and how to do it effectively amongst my peers and those outside of my school as well. This skill is something that will be indispensable to my future and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to develop it in my time here. Shorter is a place that changed my life, grew me academically, and will forever hold a place in my heart.


I have learned to be more responsible in my daily life. I have also learned to make better decisions so that they benefit me in the learn run. College allowed me make new friends and build more relationships with people that i feel can help now in my present and later in my future. It has been a great opportunity and i am glad that i have a chance to take advantage of it. This experience has been valuable to me because it is helping to futher my eduacation. As a young person i feel that my educaton is the most important thing in my life at the moment. I enjoy learning new things and this is a great way to go about doing it.


I was never given the opportunity to attend college after high school. I currently work in Healthcare sales and very unsure of what will take place with Healthcare Reform over the next few years. My family decided that it would be very beneficial to sacrafice for me to attend college and begin earning a Bachelor's Degree. I have learned that there are many others in the same situation as myself. We all want a better opportunity for ourselves and our families. I have benefited from the six classes I have attended. We work in learning teams for assignments outside of the classroom. It has been a very humbling experience to be paired with others from different cultures, backgrounds, etc. In the end, we are all striving for the same goal. To date, I am trying to pay for my classes to avoid debt but I"m not sure how much longer my family can sacrafice my doing this. College is very rewarding but also very expensive. I appreciate you reviewing my application and you time to select me as a scholorship recipient.


I have made alot more friends over the past 3 weeks ive been on campus. I really think that i will learn alot about God as well as my studies!


The College experience: In the words of my parents, to get a good job you need to get the best college education that’s available too you. My parents have set aside a some money for my college but it does not appear enough. My parents and I have applied for financial aide but it appears they make too much money with there combined income to qualify for grants or may government assistance. They have taken out a student loan that they will pay for but I feel with all the bills they have and as hard as they work they will never see the light of day. Until I get my education established and I can get a job that can help pay them back, I hoping I can apply for some grants to help then survive the cost of paying of my education and help then save money for retirement. My Mom and Dad work for a Credit Card Processing company and stay busy all the time. My Dad works over 50 to 60 hours a week, so working a second job would be out of the question. So far coming up with financial aide has been stressful.


Truly the question is, what HAVEN’T I gotten out of my college education?! Sure, I’ve received an excellent academic education, but that hasn’t necessarily been the most important part. Living in a college setting and learning in tandem with fellow twenty-somethings has taught me more than getting an online degree or commuting to school might have. Frankly, I wouldn’t know how to cook or do laundry if it hadn’t been for college! My most valuable lessons haven’t been those in the classroom, but those learned simply from engaging with other students and having to live outside of my parent’s protective wings. I’ve learned how to make and keep friends, especially those who will continue their friendship for years to come. I’ve learned how to act as a leader, manage my time, trust myself and others, take responsibility for my own actions, and above all accept myself for who I am. These lessons have been reinforced by my school’s encouraging atmosphere and educators, but most importantly they have given me the ability and courage to graduate as an independent individual ready to take on the world.


Make good grades to get help paying for college. Choice a college that fits your personally


If I could go back and talk to myself when I was a high school senior, I probably would tell mysef that college is nothing like high school. It is exciting, but the professors don't take up homework, and they don't really care if you show up. It is your responsibility to get up, go to class, participate, and to make good grades. I would also tell myself that I need to motivate myself even more so that it would benefit me even more in the long run.


Listen Sineaktra I know that there will be a lot of temptations when you enter the college life. But you have to remember to stay focused, go to class, and actually pay attention, do your work, and be the best that you can in all that you do. There will be plenty of time for partying and believe me when i say the boys aren't going anywhere therefore they should not be your first priority. Put yourself first and think of the life you can have if you actually finish and obtain a degree. I know it will be hard but you are very intelligent and can do anything that you put your mind to. So be determined, hard working and live your life to the fullest.


College is a life-changing experience; therefore, parents and students should weigh many options before deciding on which college is best. Some people go to college to work and some go to play. Coming from a student's perspective, a good college is one where students can do both, as long as work comes before play. The college one chooses determines the course of the rest of his/her life, thus making the choosing of a college one of the most influential choices in one's life. To make this choice knowledgably and effectively, one must research and visit colleges until something stands out above the rest. Once you find the college that fits you, you must make the most of it. The college years are a unique time in life, so it is important to live them out to one greatest potential. This applies to social, academic, religious, and personal aspects of college life. Getting involved on your college campus is the best thing a student can do. If you make the effort to find lasting friendships- you will! Friendships can carry you through the struggles of college life in every way, so seek them out! Go for it!


I have found that no matter how prestigious or outstanding a college or university makes itself out to be, each one has its own flaws, drawbacks, and hidden problems. Pictures and pamphlets paint a pretty picture, but reality may be totally different. The fact of the matter is, the only way to ensure you are applying to the right college for you is to GO there YOURSELF. After you have an idea of what you would like to study and where you would like to go, call the office of admissions, and schedule a tour. Walk around campus. Spend the night in a dorm. Hangout with students at the student union. Try the cafeteria's mystery meat. And most importantly, MEET YOUR PROFESSORS. Get an idea of how, where, and with whom you'll be spending your next few years (and all that money for tuition!) Although no college will be "perfect," you need to be sure that you select the college that best meets your specific needs. And the best way to find out is to spend some time there yourself. Remember: it's not about how well you fit in, it's how well the school fits YOU.


Parents need to let the student diside. To many times have I seen students come and go for the wrong reason. Students this is a hard time in your life. It can overwhelm you very quickly. dont bite off more then you can handle. College is fun, but dont go thinking im going to party and not work. College is for those who wish to be there. It cost to much to go and waste time and many differnet peoples, government, companies, and any other grant or scholarship givers money to party and not try to pass. However, students, this is the begianing of the rest of your life. enjoy your time in college and make the most out of all the things you deside to do.


Be prepared make good choices. You should save money and find out the most about your school. Never depend on the school to provide you with all of the info. Do your own research and be prepared for the future.


Choosing the right college requires much thought about what you want. There are many things that need to be considered like size of the school, size of the class, housing, religion/ethnicity, and other things that are important to you. Each thing you be considered before jumping into any decision. Finding the perfect school for you is challenging, but fulfilling in the end.


Good Luck. It's a hard choice no matter the school.


When looking for the right college/university make sure that where you are looking at is somewhere you can see yourself for the next four years of your life. Don't just look at the school take a tour of the community as well . Also when choosing a school, the decision is the applicants not anyone elses, it can sometimes feel as though it isn't but the choice is yours. Don't make the choice based on what others say or because your best friend is going there be sure it's because you want to be there.


In order to choose the right fit for the perspective college student, there are several areas the student and parents should consider. First, and most importantly, the student should start searching for colleges in the junior year of high school that includes the area of interest of your future career. Next, decide the size of the university or college the student will comfortable in attending. After you have those two areas defined, start searching online and through your high school counseling office for three to eight choices of universities and or colleges. Next, the student should request information from those schools and start making appointments for campus visits. The student should visit at least four campuses so that the student can form an opinion about what he/she likes and dislikes about the college. The student should narrow down the two colleges that are best suited for him/her and go back a second time to see "if it feels right". Most students know at this point which college will be the right fit. Finally, if the student feels good about their choice, they will make the most of their college experience which will maximize their future success!


check out the facility, go to several of the events, go early and stay late, hang around to listen to the students, go to the library and go during the first and last week of school


To make sure that the college fits the student's interest and is a good fit. I beleive that a student should live on campus if at all possible. The campus should be secure and have an emergency plan. The classes should be large enough to be interesting but small enough so that you know everyone.


Before choosing a college, parents and prospective students should tour the college and meet the professors in the field of study. It is important to choose a place where the student is comfortable attending and the parent is comfortable leaving the student. Also, students, consider the approachability of the professors. If you are learning from them and have questions, it is good to know that you could go to the professor directly. To make the most of your college experience, take classes that sound appealing to you. The freedom of making your own schedule is a luxury to use to your advantage. Taking classes outside your major as electives can prove you a well-rounded person, as well as give you more experience in various fields. Don't be afraid to branch out; attend clubs and functions that allow you to grow as a person, and become a strong young adult.


Make sure you have visited the college you think you may want to attend, and before you make your choice, look at allo your options. Don't make a quick and hasty decision, because your going to be at whatever college you choose and it helps a lot if you honestly enjoy it and like it there. This is an important decision, and you should take all the time you need to make your decision, just make sure you are making a well informed decision.


Make every attempt to truely understand the school you are considering. Admission Representitives are experts in the field of marketing - they can sell a horrible college as the place that you are going to call home for the next four years. Be sure to make every attempt to understand the 'real' college. Meet with a professor. Spend the night in an on-campus dorm. Talk to current students and ask them to be honest with you. Seek out alumni and see what their perspective on their alma mater is. Do whatever you can to understand the true side of the college. Just like most students today, you will more than likey choose the wrong college for you IF YOU DO NOT DO THE RESEARCH. Just as most students, you will find yourself transfering to a new college and trying to startover if you do not take the right steps. BUT, if you work hard to understand every aspect of the colleges you are considering, you will find the perfect college to call home for a lifetime of student and alumni support!


start the process early and go some place that always feels like hone