Siena Heights University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


it is small


Small but accepting no matter the differances you have with your peers.


It was cozy and close-knit, and beautiful. It was a great school with great programs and great people.


The school I attend is a small close knit community. They are supportive of all students and work towards assuring that all students suceed in thier education. The class sizes are caped at 30 and the staff work hard to maintain a group learning evnironment. The campus is always working towards inprovemetns and takes into account the students input and needs. They offer a ful range of oppurtunities for all students to be involved in extra activities thorough the campus.


Siena Heights is a very small intimate school with lots of one-on-one with the teachers and other students.


Siena Heights University is a small school that is passionate towards giving its students the best education available.


my school has a wonderful learning environment with lots of helpful resources