Siena Heights University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would say that anyone would be able to attend this college. I believe my university is filled with professors who are respectful and intelligent. They care about all of their students and whether they graduate. Anyone who attends this college should feel comfortable and ready to succeed. I believe this college is cut out for just about anyone. A student who is ready to learn in a great environment is one who should attend this college.


Any student who enjoys a small community, wants to play a varsity sport, or like to have small classroom sizes. Students who prefer many activities on campus should not attend Siena because there is not a whole lot to do on weekends. Siena is a school where the president likes to get involved in her students' lives and makes it her job to get to know every single student.


The type of person that should go here is a hard working friendly person. Someone who is willing to help others and also willing to except help from others. A person with school spirit, since most of Siena students are athletes. Also someone who isn't afraid to ask for help or just talk to their teachers.