Sierra College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Sierra College? Why?


The lack of parking, the school is located on numerous hills, so there are not enough parking spots for all the students so many students have to walk many blocks to get to school.


Sierra College lacks diversity. The school is mainly caucasian and middle class, becasue of this students are not able to learn from those who have a diffrent background (both racially ,politically, and socio-economically).


the worst is that there are so few arking places


I don't believe I think there is anything too dreadfully wrong with my school. It fits me perfectly, being that it is online and that I take my classes in quarters instead of semesters. I love it!


The worst thing about Sierra is probably the weather. I'm used to it as i grew up in the area, but it can get quite wet and cold.


The worst thing at Sierra College would have to be the little support it receives from its own student body. It seems students dont make the effort to be active in representing their college and fighting for it, especially now with all the financial distress Sierra is experiencing.


There is nothing really bad about Sierra College, but the one thing that could be better would be school spirit. The only people who really go to the games or participate at Homecoming are the players, the cheerleaders and their friends and family.


The worst thing about school is probably the extra stress. I feel that now I am paying for my education I have to get straight A's. I study harder in college than I ever had to do in High School. My High School did not prepare me for college. The college homework load and tests are much harder than High School ever was. I have to put forth my best effort all the time just to keep my A. College is a lot of work and more stress, but I know that someday it will pay off.


The worst thing about Sierra College is the lack of student activities. The only student activities available are posted on what looks to be a tall tree stump. There is no formal way of announcing ways for students to get involved in school projects, parties, group meetings, or co-ed functions. As a student going into my first year of college I would like to meet and mingle with other students as soon as I step foot on campus. However, Sierra makes it difficult to connect with other students when the activities are not adequately announced.


I cannot say very much against my College. It is one of the best community colleges in California, and it has a great science department with excellent faculty. But the worst thing is the music department. Music is my best subject; however, I don't take any music classes becuase of the lack of support in the music department. It is poorly funded. The theatre has a bad audio quality and it echoes, so that is a problem. The music department has worsened. There is also no longer an orchestra. It could use improvement.