Sierra College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that it doesn't consume most of my day and allows me to work at the same time to be able to save for the extern portion of the course I will be taking.


The best things about attending Sierra College is you get a University education for a fraction of the cost. If you seek the right help, there is always someone to help you get as much done as possible before transferring to a 4-year. I am also proud to be a Wolverine because we are the number one community college in california (number three in the country) with successful transfer students. Finally, you get a feel for what "college-life" is like a little more slowly. Without the HUGE culture shock right away, you are more likely to succeed.


The best thing about Sierra College is it's affordability and convenience factor. My entire tuition and fees for the spring semester as a full-time student is $360. It is also just 6 miles from my house. I am able to leave my house on my motorcycle 25 minutes before class, and still arrive before class starts. Because of the short commute, I am able to have more hours of availability for my job.


The best thing about Sierra College is the helpful staff and hard working student body.


The best thing about the school is how organize the scholl is for the new students.


Very very good mechatronics program. One of the best in the country


I like my school because it is accepting place for all types of students. There are many opportunities to get involved within the school and with other students. It pushes you to succeed and achieve.


The diviersity of the campus is really on of my favorite things there. Everyone is there from the techies to the "hippies" to the fashionistas! That along with the huge selection of classes alows me to explore and grow in all the different sides of my personality.


The best thing about my school is some of the staff who is working there. I've come in contact with some great teachers who I just happened to take their class for no specific reason and then learned more than I thought possible. And not only teachers but some of the other staff working there. These people really add to the environment of the school and make it so much more comfortable and a much better experience for any student. I really appreciate how much they have helped and influenced me.


There are many good things in this college, but the important and best is the education. They have many good teachers who learn the students ver well. Also, they always advices the student to do the best.