Simpson College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cold weather. I personally do not like the cold, so it is simply a matter of where the school is located during the winter months. Other than that, the school is amazing.


The dorm buildings aren't as clean as they could be and the technology is not always reliable.


The worst thing about Simpson is that the classes ARE sometimes small which means you can't just skip class all the time. The professors will and do hold you accoutable. They know your face and will call you out if you have been missing their class. I know that going to school involves skipping some class, but these professors make it hard.


The bad food in the dining hall.


The worst thing about my school is the drinking. I do not feel obligated to go out and drink but a lot of students do drink during the weekend so I hear stories and it is difficult to keep those stories out of the classroom. Drinking is not a part of my life and sometimes I feel left out of conversations because I don't decide to join in drinking at parties.


Quality of food and campus housing


Simpson's size and location work against our efforts to increase diversity on campus. Clearly this restricts our availability for cultural learning and experience. Nevertheless administration is working hard to make Simpson a place where we can learn, just from one another, about other cultures, religions and countries. We have some great study abroad options and a few programs that bring in international students to enhance our global awareness. In addition, as a part of a new curriculum strategy Simpson has highlighted global awareness as one of five main points of emphasis in the immediate future.


They are trying to make Simpson almost like camp. It seems like freshman year is the coddling period and after that you are "in the family." I want anonymity in college and I certainly didn't get it here.


The worst thing would probably be parking when you're a freshmen. There never seems like there's enough spots close by the freshmen halls, but it does get better the older you get.


This is a very libral school and some of the professors are very good at persuading you to their thinking without you even realizing it. Staying strong in my Christian faith was challenging at times.

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