Simpson College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


They don't seem willing to accomodate people in dire financial situations. If you are struggling with money issues it is completely up to you to make sure that it gets taken care of. If you can't come up with the money, you can't go here.


I think the most frustrating thing about our school is the fact that it takes our school longer to make decisions on improving things around the campus. In addition to this, some of the other schools are up-to-date with certain things whereas we are not. I know I am on the Student Government Associaiton and work hard with the others on the student senate to makes sure the things we work on when we have meetings will benefit the student body.


There is nothing frustrating about my college to me. I fell in love with my college when I first saw it. I have only good things to say about it.


The price of tuition.


too much work given all at the same time by professors.


The fact that it is expensive and that there is a large majority of wealthy students.

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