Sinclair Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you want to graduate and hit the ground running, Sinclair is for you. Students are job ready immediately upon graduation. Sinclair is great about helping students get the proper testing and accredidation so that they can enter the work force as soon as possible.


Anyone should attend this school no matter what kind've person you are. Everyone deserves a chance to go to school and pursue their dream career. Financial status shouldn't deter them because there are tons of scholarships and people willing to pay you to go to school as long as you continuously show them the hardwork you achieve and mantain excellent grades which anyone can do.


This is a great school for someone who is paying for college him or herself or who can not get much financial aid. It is also great for students who are not sure what they want to do yet- they can get their general education classes taken care of while decidin what to do next. This school's credits transfer to almost all colleges or universities in the same state.


If you're looking to really learn and are going for a good value, SCC is a good choice. Try not to forget how important a degree is to succeed in our world.


Sinclair Community College is a school for every kind of person. There are many different ages and walks of life who find Sinclair ideal. The low tuition rate and superior quality of education are just two of it's many wonderful attributes. In addition, Sinclair's campus is in the middle of the Dayton, OH area, which is easy to access. My favorite attribute is that many of the instructors have worked in their respective fields for some time, which increases the value of education. Anyone who wants any of the above, without breaking the bank, should attend this school.


This school is available to anyone. There's not a certain kind of person that should at the college. Sinclair Community College is open to everyone and helps to guide people into having a brighter future towards their degree.