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Tell us about the sports scene on campus.

Because we are division III, we have no scholarships for athletes, rather every athlete is a scholar with a focus on academics. As a school we do not have a football or a track team, though our riding team is one of the top in the country. Basketball games are immensely fun, we were actually voted on ESPN for having one of the best games of 2011 due to a basketball game that went into 7 overtimes which Skidmore won. Athletes are just regular students here, it is not as though there is a scene that glorifies them. That being said, sports are respected here just not as the end-all-be-all of the school.

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Skidmore is a division III athletic school. This means that our students are the equivalent of scholar athletes, meaning that academics always come first. We also do not offer any athletic scholarships. That being said, athletics are still popular on campus, and our status as a division III school in no way diminishes the quality of our athletic programs. There is also tremendous school pride, and students regularly turn out in mass to support Skidmore's student athletes.

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