Skidmore College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is easily the cost. It costs approximately 52 k to attend Skidmore College - a hefty price, but worth it for the quality of the education.


Perhaps the quality of the dorms.


How expensive it is. I do not think that the school is worth the exhorbitant tution fee.


SInging is my source of happiness and a great passion of mine. Upon awaiting my arrival at Skidmore I was eagar participate in vocal lessons to work on my technique. However, voice lessons were audtion based--which includes a classical piece and sight reading. At present, I can do neither. School, as everyone knows, is a place of learning and improvement, I should not be denied lessons simply because I can not sing a classical piece. Skidmore should provide an opportunity for everyone who pleases to develope in this area, not only the already-talented ones.


The lack of science courses because it makes it difficult to complete a major in the natural sciences on time.


Once in awhile we have bias incidents. They do not happen very often, but some students do not consider themselves to be above spreading hatred. Whether racial, homophobic, etc., we do get kids who will vandalize an announcement board or write ignorant slurs on campus. It never escalates to more than this though.


doesn't make it easy enough to keep well-informed of what's happening in the world


There are a lot of cliques and group-based friends around campus. This makes it hard to infiltrate other groups once you have established a friend base.


The lack of diversity as students can't really grasp the true opposing views the world has with a liberal thinker. This will introduce may students, including myself, after college, to a new group of people that we are not used to dealing with.

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