Skidmore College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The Tang, our modern art museum, is an incredibly unique building. For one, it is a teaching museum, so the entire collection is accessible to any student or class that requests to look at it. It is built such that there is a staircase up and back down to the roof of the building with a nice little area on top to relax. The campus as a whole is extremely well maintained and truly does encompass the balance between buildings, forest, and grassy green.


Skidmore has a great program that it offers through the Capital District Transportation Authority. As part of this program, a CDTA bus stops outside of our student center every half hour. As a Skidmore student, you can ride the bus directly in to town with your student ID. Even though downtown Saratoga Springs is only a ten-minute walk away, the bus is great when the weather gets cold or rainy.


It was nice.


Skidmore College is a private institute. Private institues offer greater resources, services, and faculty because these they hold better value. I saw Skidmore as a place where I would have the opportunity to concentrate on my studies. A place where all my acadmeic needs would be fufilled, such as small classrooms, effective professors, a library, a dinning hall, my dorm room, school services, and the beauty of my campus. I was daring enough to temporarly leave my life in the New York City, to fully dedicate myself to my studies at a place that I considered to be the best.


The size is great and professors are willing to work closely with students at all times.


The size! It has really affected many of the things I love about Skidmore: its classroom intamacy, my social life, and the level of comfort and welcomeness I feel on campus.


The best thing about Skidmore is the interaction between students and professors. I developed close friendships with several professors, and always felt supported and heard. I go back to campus often to visit them. The second best thing is the freedom of choice. There are general and major-specific requirements, but they are few in comparison to more rigorous schools. A student at Skidmore is completely responsible for the quality of their education - they are in control of how much effort they put in and how much wisdom they take out. Personal accountability is key.


The awesome community of Skidmore.

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