Soka University of America Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't ever take 2 courses from Dr. Hamersley at the same time, unless, you're an extreme Science geek (trust me, I tried, barely made it out alive).


Go to college! We are creatures of habit and fear the unknown. But as scary as it may seem college will definitely benefit you in the long run. So what that your friends aren't going to the same college. They will still be your friends and you'll end up meeting new ones along the way. Find a club that interests you so that you don't feel all alone. Call up your old buddies when you have some free time just to see how things are going. But do not under any circumstances neglect your future. The fruits of your labor will soon be seen and your family will benefit from it. Don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today. As in all things you just never know if tomorrow will bring the same opportunities.


Oh highschool Bailey! I know that you don't think college is for you because you never had any family go to college or anyone pushing you to look into that part of your future, but guess what?, it turns out that you like school and that working harder would have been a huge benefit. Why take AP classes when you don't need them to graduate highschool? Because challenge is a good thing and it would have made the first couple of years in college much easier! It's so much more fun to play sports and hang out with friends, I get that. But now that you are 26 and all of your friends are out of school, it's not so much fun still being there, just now getting a clue of what you want to be. Volunteer places to help you figure out what you like, spend more time in challenging classes, spend more time thinking about your future and less time thinking about what your friends are doing this weekend. The future you see for yourself now is so far off, I can't begin to explain it. Please challenge yourself! You really are smart!


Dear High School Angelica: Remember that things will get better and you will find your place in the community, you will find exactly what you want to achieve and what you want to be in the future. Get a head start now by beginning your general education classes so by the time you figure things out, you can be half way done. The future has so much in store for you, and no matter what choices you make, take it as a learning expirience to grow and succeed as an adult. School will be hard and sometimes you might want to give up, but you can't give up. Stay focused and give it your all! You can make it to graduation with a great GPA and you will get to walk with your head held high, everyone will be proud of you and you will be proud of yourself. When things are rough at home, do not let it effect your academics, let your research and writing skills shine in all your assignments. Take feedback as constructive criticism to do better and to achieve more, you will be surprised how far you go!


I would tell my high school self how important investing in yourself is. I would encourage the importance of working hard during Senior year and to use that time wisely to research colleges and career choices to make the best decision. As a returning adult, it has been a difficult transition to begin college after many years away from school, and looking back I feel I may not have been so apprehensive about attending college if I had taken college more seriously right after high school. The most important thing I would tell myself would be to believe in your dreams. You are worth it!


Make sure to keep applying for scholarships because it will help your parents out so much. Also, when writing your essays, make sure to have different people check in. Have a teacher check it, a counselor check it, a friend, a family member. Different opinions will help you figure out what you need to do in order to make yourself sound better and what you need to change. Doing essays and applying for scholarships on time is the most important factor, so do not procrastinate until the last minute before the deadline and work hard in writing your essays.


After completing a year at Soka and joining two of our clubs, I have realized that the most rich college experience doesn’t involve only academic superiority, but the relationships you have with others, as well self-improvement. I am in the Vita Leonis Philharmonic Orchestra, and am currently the club secretary. I enjoy it very much because I get to satisfy my desire to play music, and more importantly because it is fun to be a part of a group of people that genuinely cares not only about club goals, but about each other. Working with the other officers, I have learned to become a better leader and person. Joining the Latin dance club, I have learned to trust people a lot more, and become more outgoing. Overall, my college experience has taught me not only to set better goals for myself, but has helped me become a better person and contribute to the school community. I have made the choice to be active in my education, make the most of the college experience overall, and make sure that while I am at it, I become a better person.


? when I woke up, I saw that I was back in time, back to my high school years. I saw that I was once more stepping into the school that holds infinitely number of both good and bad memories. I began to wonder why was I given the opportunity to return to high school, why was I the ?chosen one? to have the opportunity to make my future easier or did I? ? That didn?t matter now. What matter now was to inform myself about hardships and solutions for them. When I encountered myself, my first thought was ?Don?t stop applying for scholarships and looking at other schools. Keep your options open and don?t focus on only the one you have apply and been accepted early? without hesitation, I expressed my thoughts. My high school self was puzzled since what I had just said is what she was thinking. As a response to my thought, my high schooled-self said that instead of attending the university that she was already accepted to she was going to wait until all the acceptance letters were received, make comparisons, and then make a decision.


I'd tell myself to not be afraid and to reach out to other students because you aren't alone. I thought I was alone at college and I became introverted and didn't talk to other people. I'd tell myself to reach out to other students because they feel the same way as I do, and I'm not alone in the transition to college. Also to be positive throughout first semester and try as many new things that I wouldn't allow myself to try in high school. Even though Soka is a small school the students are very supportive of each other, something most universities don't have, and reach out and talk to other students to gain their advice while establishing a friendship at the same time. And the last thing I'd say to myself is don't doubt yourself and believe in all of your abilities and endeavors to keep persevering through the obstacles and challenges of college life. Don't ever give up.


I would tell myself that college is not an easy endeavor. There is much work involved and it is not walking the park to get straight A's. I would tell myself to stop procrasitnating, becuase in college that is not an option. I would tell myself that will be a many sleepless night and last minute study crunches. I would tell myself it is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever felt to recieve A's in your classes, knowing that you are the only one responsible for that and and that you earned it.


Don't go to college right away. First travel, see the world, experience new things and, then, when you have see so much you are dying to learn in order to understand what you have seen, when you have discovered what drives you and what your passions are, when you so full of questions you cannot think well, and, specially, when you feel alive, go to college and you will discover that your education is about so much more than just reading and writing.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I'd advise myself to be less uptight, more friendly, and open-minded. There is nothing more important than being able to express yourself in life, and in college holding back doesn't take you anywhere. Be firm about what you believe in, but most importantly believe in yourself and in your dreams. When applying to schools, believe in your potential, in everything that you have already achieved, and in what your heart tells you. Don't drift away from your friends for fear of not being understood or not fitting in. Speak out!!! If they don't accept you for who you are, they are not worth it in the first place.. there are many wonderful people in the world to meet. Besides, if that happens, just take it as an opportunity to make more friends, and expand your own life. Don't be afraid! It's ok to relax for a minute, so joke around, enjoy a smile, and take the time to listen to what others have to say. You may be surprised in how much you can learn from others!


Don't be upset about the schools that rejected you! The school you are going to now is your dream school and you will be able to do anything you want!