Solano Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Water program, Green education program, Biotechnology grants for this year.


The best thing about my school is the flexibility that it offers its students. The campus is very diverse, and it has a college feel, without being overwhelmingly large( since it is a community college). The fact that there are many extension programs that link you closer to big universities gives us a chance to further explore options beyond just getting our AA degree, it shows us the different possibilities we truly have when it comes to transferring.


I think that the best thing about my school is the science classes. I've only taken Astronomy so far, but next semester I will take Chemistry and Pre-Cal until I have all of the prereq's in order to start taking Physics classes. I love my Astronomy class. The whole idea of the universe and the stars is fascinating to me. Solano also has many great labs you can go to in order to study or do homework.

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