South Dakota State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


people who don't like big schools


People who enjoy a walking campus with minimal driving within the campus would love this campus. South Dakota State University is a big enough campus to offer a variety of activities, but small enough for a homely feel. This college is perfect for someone who likes the perks of a small campus and the benefits of a large campus.


I think any person could attend South Dakota State and be happy. To me and my friends that are from the middle of nowhere it's a big school, but to my friends from big cities like Minneapolis, it's a little place. There are so many clubs and majors on campus that there is a niche for everyone. Plus everyone loves the town of Brookings - it's not to big, and not to small, and has many different stores and restaurants that offer college student discounts with your student id. SDSU is the place for everyone!


Someone who enjoys outdoors, cold weather, and ice cream (SD has their on dairy bar, and was the inventory of Cookies and Cream flavored ice cream!). Everyone here is very friendly, and if you like to hunt, this is the place for you! The students and faculty are super friendly and helpful! This is a great place to learn. Just don't forget your coat!


People that should attend SDSU are people that love to be around and meet new people and be open to the differences of other individuals. South Dakota State Uni versity has a variety of people of different races that come from very different backgrounds. This is one of the aspects I like the best ab out our school because it opens me up to different kinds of cultures.


Someone wanting to pursue a degree in an agricultural, science, or nursing field should attend South Dakota State University. Also students who are looking to play a highly competitive sport.


Anyone that is wants a variety of courses and is open to taking a class that relates to agriculture or rural america sociology.


The kind of person who likes a big environment, and who enjoys rural sciences. Also, conservative political views.


Any one! There is something here for EVERYONE!!


This school has a wide range of majors and minors and also a great general program if you're not quite sure what you want. I know someone that switched from mortuary science to early childhood education. It's very diverse in programs.


I believe this is a perfect school who is looking for a good nursing, engineering or agriculture education.. The health program is fairly solid as well.. I believe I am leaning towards the agriculture background and am very happy with my course work. Anyone with any desire to take these courses will like it here because they will be able to buckle down and focus if they have the right tools!


From my personal experience, I feel that a small town type of person should go here. If you like shopping malls, highways, restaurants, diverse activities and clubs to participate in such as hip-hop club, and things to do on the weekends, do not go to this school. If you don't mind seeing gravel roads and no trees, this is your place. Also, if you are a pharmacy, nursing or agriculture major from a small town, you will most likely like it here.


A person interested in the sciences and likes small towns and the country. People who live on farms tend to like it the most. People who are willing to work hard and understand what working means. People who enjoy being part of a family as a whole with in their school. A person who is laid back and doesn't focus to hard on material things, but rather getting to know and understand people.


Conservative types. Those that want to get married, have children, and NOT think about the world outside of South Dakota. People that want to think exactly like their parents. People that don't understand that different people around the world are still people, even though they aren't christian farmers. Basically naive bigots should go to this school.


This school is culturally diverse so anyone could attend this school. We have students from all over the US here for academic or athletic reasons. It makes for a fun, lively atmosphere since those who attend here come from various economic backgrounds because we all merge together and make a lot of new friends from different regions.


People who attend this school are people that really need to be accepting of the agricultural community. There is a big emphasis in agricultural majors, as well as the health care field (pharmacy, nursing, health promotion).


The kimd of person that should attend here is the type of one that wants to learn and that is ready to take the next step in life.


Any type of person, although there is a strong emphasis on agriculturally-related coursework here.


The person should be fun-loving yet studious and ready to learn.


Anyone who is friendly, who has an open mind, and who wants a great value for their education.


A person looking for choices when it comes to clubs, academics, etc but that appreciates a close learning environment


If you like to farm and ranch then your more then welcome here.