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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I'm going to Penn State. It would not let me select it so I picked a random school


If I could go back I would make myself get up in the mornings and have perfect attendance and not miss a single day. It is so critical to show up for your self and for your future, you can progress more too. The attitude I had towards school in high school was poor, I would tell myself to keep my chin up, and that everything would work out in the end. I did end up getting through high school but the attitude and motivation I have now are 100% better. The attitude I have now about going into college is that I will show up everyday and I will motivate myself to keep these good habits. My ultimate advice would be to just continue making good attendance, and push myself a little harder everyday.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to relax a little more and pay more attention to me and not so much to what others are doing or saying. It is all a learning process and what I have learned is as my Dad always told me "everything always works out" (one way or another!) Change is inevitable, we just have to go with the flow!


1. Get a degree that enables you to get a job out of college. 2. Don't wear a lanyard around your neck with your keys attached. It's a dead giveaway that you're a freshman. 3. Attend summer session while you're at State College. It's the best time of year at Penn State. 4. Try the Cafe 210 Fries. 5. Go to on campus events when you're a freshman. It's a great way to meet people. 6. Don't settle down with the first person you meet. You're at college to experience life. Enjoy it. 7. Don't skip classes. Learning is your job for the next 4 years. Take is seriously. You have no idea where your life will take you and the caliber of your GPA might matter. You never know, you might actually learn something. 8. Don't burn bridges. That gen ed teacher you were rude to might end up being your advisor or dean. You never know. 9. Take walking or racquetball as your gym class. They are the best. 10. When you're 21, go to the Saloon and try their Monkey Boys.


My college experience is one that I can never place a money sign in front of. The education, friendships, and positions gained through Penn State University has developed my character into someone which my family and myself are very proud of. There is so much to gain and nothing to lose by going to college. The overall experience has created a new outlook on life and the possibilities of achieving goals I could only dream of. As a Penn State student, I may only be one voice in the roar of thousands, but I feel without my individuality, Penn State would be that much less diverse. My college career is one that can not be explained unless experienced. With everything I have learned thus far, I feel not only am I ready for the world, but the world is now ready for me.


I would make sure that i keep on going , to never give up when times get hard.


What I would say is, continue your education after high school and don't wait. Life is to short to grasp all the opportunities that await. Going to college is not a given and when you get there it is not a cake walk. Sure, for some, a college education is easier than for others. Now is the time to be responsible and begin acting like an adult. However, make the most of the collegiate experience because once graduation approaches, it's time to be a full time adult. In short, the transition to higher education is scary and exciting. If you decide to further your education after receiving that degree, the more power you will have and the better you will succeed in life's endeavors.


I would let myself know that the experience is the complete opposite of what i was expecting. The experience is fun and uplifting instead of difficult as i had thought it would be and that it is an expereince that everyone should get sometime in their life.


If possible, I would tell myself to cherish the moments of being a child. As a high school senior, I was still very much a child. I either obeyed or disobeyed. I followed instructions in class or procrastinated until someone would advise me to stop. Life was about following: I followed rules, regulations and expectations. High school was about being who I should have been. It was easy then. As I a college student, I have only myself to follow. That also means that I alone must lead. It's difficult planning out your education, career and entire future. It is a lot of burden for someone who was only a child not too long ago to bare. Given the chance, I would tell my high school self to enjoy those days of following instructions while preparing for the future days of leading oneself.

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