South Puget Sound Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell friends about my college, there are a few things I brag about. First of all, the atmosphere of the college itself. It's very laid-back, and everyone there actually wants to be there, and is there to work for success, unlike high school. My peers are very professional and think more creatively than the adolescents in high school. Bouncing ideas off of them is very rewarding. In addition, my college offers really fascinating classes. I learn more than I ever did in high school, and about subjects I'm genuinely interested in.


I always brag about how much help is available in my classes. I love a challenging work environment but when you get home and are stumped on a problem, its so relieving to know that you have options. Most teachers are happy to stay after class or make an apointment to help answer your questions at a later time. This kind of personalized attention does not come every day and its so nice to feel like someone really does care about you and the educartion you are recieving.


Definately the classrooms! They are all very nice and have all the equipment to get my work done. This is a plus because when I was in highschool my highschool did not have any of the options these teachers use to teach. Mostly my teachers used chalk; I also the teachers are very understanding and make an effort to teach you and make sure you know the material. They give us the tools to succeed and take the extra time to help outside of the class as well. These things are the most important to me. I love this school.


I tell my friends about the amazing language programs that my school provides. The teachers are fun and interactive and make the whole proccess much more interesting. My current Japanese teacher is exciting and energetic and eager to answer all questions and makes learning japanese all the more fun!