South Texas College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Parking sucks.


The only negative thing i can say about my school is the teachers. i have one who i just cannot understand and i really dislike his teaching method.


nothing really. The school is fine . i'm planing to go to a university later on.


Well the worst thing about my school is that it is not a big school as a university. even though i like small classrooms i would like to attend a school that has many buildings. My school is the size of a high school.


the worst thing about this school is the amount of classes offered. Why? Because there has been quite an increase in student enrollment in the past three years but no increase in professors or number of classes offered. This increase has caused the classes to be closed for registration about three weeks before school starts. The number of minimester classes is also the worst they do not offer enough even though they are full before the school semester begins, yet the school continues to accept new students.


I consider the parking for our school the worst thing about my school because since our commmunity is growing and more students are entering the community college it is very hard to find a parking spot.


Financial aid is limited.


The worst thing about South Texas College is that we have a large sum of students but limited space. The problem is beginning to be fixed, but it is a slow prosses. South Texas College has several campuses all throughout the valley but even with so many campuses, the amount of students that attend and the amount of classes are not enough.