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What should every freshman at South Texas Vocational Technical Institute-Weslaco know before they start?


If I could give advice to my old (admittedly not-so-wise) high school senior self, there are three things I would tell him, and from order of least important to most, although I think they’re are vital to a good clean transition into college. Firstly, I would suggest seeing what Financial Aid you’re eligible for, so fill out the form, online even, and find out. The sooner the better as to avoid any unexpected errors upon filling it out, etcetera. Secondly, I would say that I should really get my butt on over to the college help office early in the school year, not late! This one, as much a pain as it seemed, would have spared me a great deal of confusion which eventually led me to going there anyhow, although almost too late to fix certain issues. Lastly, and I would emphasize this one to myself: Make a career decision before you go to college. It would allow you to get as early a start towards your intended field as possible. Also, and perhaps just as importantly, it would let you avoid wasting valuable financial aid money on classes you might end up not needing.


Starting from scratch, I would start by telling myself, "Hey Jessica, you should start getting used to reading a vast amount every day and if you don't understand what you are reading read it again and again until you get it or do some research on your reading so that you can get familiar with what you are studying and trust me it will come in handy; start now!" "Oh, and don't procastinate in leaving your studies for your exam until the last minute because ti won't do you any good; you need to at least finish your study guide three days before, minimum, so that you can study; FYI: don't forget your scantrons." " Apply to as many scholarships as possible eventhough it takes some time to get them done you might be granted a scholarship,FREE MONEY, for school- get your transcripts ahead of time." "Also, as soon as you finish high school apply for financial aid your chances for qualifying are less slim; don't forget." "Lastly, make sure and turn in work on time like you always do and when ever you are given extra credit take the chance it can help later."