South University, Savannah Top Questions

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The cost for tuition is about average, but what attracted me the most is the staff and faculty. I am not talked down to and everything from financial aid to online classes were explained to me and also given to me in written form. I felt like they cared.


This school seems to be recommended. My mother recommended it to me. I have been in classes since August of 2012 and have made quite a bit of progress. Friends of mine are having complications at their school, so I recommended SUO to them.


Very small classes. Great professors, who are willing to spend thier private time with students. Alot of hands on labs.


South University - Savannah is unique because it is a very involved university. It was very easy for me to access information about their school. They have helped me so much along the way. Any questions I had were swiftly answered, that to me is the most unique part about this university.


The staff at South University is knowledgeable and very helpful.


One aspect I liked about South University was their practical approach to online schooling. One of the schools I considered required students to complete a weekly chat - - one hour long! I did not like the idea that every Wednesday, from 6:00 - 7:00 I would be required to be in front of my computer and away from my family. With the program at South University, we have the flexibility to complete our online communications when it is convenient for us; they work well around my schedule as a mother and a wife.


Flexible, fast paced learning enviornment that promotes thinking combined with practical application of theories and principles. School allows students to learn at challenging pace but in a structured format that promotes knowledge retention.