South University, Savannah Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


That would depend upon the person's intended major and whether they are campus or online students which the online classes are intense for they are only 5 weeks long and people who procrastinate will not do well here either, some teachers(Mrs. France) here are really sticklers for people to attend classes and to submit assignments on time for they give people a zero ( I am not kidding)


Someone who is lazy.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend South University-Savannah would be someone that doesn't want to achieve. Go here is rewarding hard work. You are pushed to succeed. You need a strong determination and a well to go all the way to keep up with the demands here. The sky is the limit and success here is limitless. You have to want the education and put forth a good effort. You can't get good grades here without studying. You have to crack open your book. They stress strategies for success here. I love it.


I want to get some Education at South University


Anyone who is not willing and able to put their best foot forward should not go to South University.The porspective students should be dedicated to his or her work, giving it his or her full attention.


Any one has difficulties managing time to login the amount of hrs require to be consider an active student. This school is not for any who cant afford book tution w/out assistance. This school wouldnt be a candidate if you have limited financial aid cause online schooling tution is the cost of private college. online students have to pay for all expense just to walk on graduation and books not included in tutuion,


Someone who does not want to participate in group discussions would not do well here.


This school offers an online program that is at a really fast pace. If it takes a person a while to grasp a subject then the online program isn't for them. Also, If a person has a hard time learning subjects with minimal help from teachers and classmates then the online program isn't for them.


This school is for a disciplined mature individual who needs to have a flexible schedule. I am the type of person that feels as though everyone should try this school for at least one semester, the classes are 5.5 weeeks,no driving to school, one goes 24/7 when they can. Perhaps a freshman newly graduated from high school may have a problem unless seriously dedicated.


I don't think this is the type of school for students who want to party all the time, the school is focused more on a student's learning.


The type of person who should't attend this school, is someone that is not willing to learn.


A person who wants to learn and make something of themselves.