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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I had to learned the hard way , before Mrs. France and some others I was the ultimate Procrasinator, always submiting assignments late which I had to repeat some courses that I know I should have passed the first time for I hate writing but its necessary evil and always be prepared head of time to get your supplies especially the texts books and use the additional stuff that may comes with it such as CD ROm and pass codes to websites for you have already pay for it and you need all the help to get the highest grades possible.


As a high school senior, I was also a sophomore at the local community college. If I could go back and talk to myself, I would probably slap younger-me across the face. Hard. "Listen up, because I'm only going to tell you this once. Study. I don't care if it's math or biology or even physics. Go study, and go to class. Yes, that boy who (spoiler alert) will one day become your husband is fascinating and handsome, and he smells nice, but he will be there after class. Go. Second, take care of yourself. You will work out and you'll feel and look better than you ever have. Keep it up. Finally, stand by your decisions. Be strong. You will upset people, even your parents (especially your parents). Stand by them anyway. People are stupid. Don't be like everyone else. Go. Do something great with your life."


If I was able to go back into time and meet myself during my high school years, I would give me great advice and of encouragement. “I know times are hard now but you will have the courage to succeed beyond your means and or even your expectations. Because of your love for math during your academic studies, once you further your education on to college, you will be able to compute complex mathematical equations and assist others who do not have that knowledge or skill set. Believe me when I tell you that you will not just surpass your intentions but your biggest dreams as well. So follow your heart and it will lead you to greatness.”


Some advice I would give myself as a senior would be to apply for scholarships to save a lot of money so transitioning to a unviversity wouldn't be as difficult. Also I would tell myself that when it comes to college you have to slow down and make sure you have all of your priorites in the right place because being out of high school , selecting all your classes at whatever time you want and working gets difficult. I would have also told myself to become more involved with school related things besides just being every sport so I coud use teachers as references for later in life. Finally I would tell myself to get out of my own little world I was in as a senior and start caring about other people and doing good for others. Now that I volunteer at my YMCA as a flag football I coach I see I should have been doing a long time ago because I was once those kids I am coaching now and it feels great to give back to my community by teaching kids all of these life lessons and giving them advice for the future.


If I could go back in time, I would spend more time volunteering and enjoying my care free teen years. I worked while in high school and missed out on lots of social activities. I would also advise myself on how to study versus memorizing. My first two years of college were not successful because I had no studying skills. I was blessed to have a photographic memory and used it to my maximum ablity, which lead me to loose an academic scholarship my second year of college.


First of all don't wait until your senior year of high school to start taking the ACT. Start taking it sooner. Apply for colleges and scholarships sooner as well. Although your senior year is easy don't slack on your studies. College is a total different experience and much harder than high school. Keep studying harder and don't let homework pile up. In college don't take life too seriously, study hard, but have fun in college. Once in college be social and find new friends and explore the college and the town. It will definately help you find new people and broaden your prospective on life and it will help you live life more. College classes are alot different, you don't have the same classes each day like in high school so keep a planner of your classes and what is due each week or you will fall behind. Don't be intimidated of the huge campuses or newer surroundings, ask people for help and get inolved into the college like a club or sport.


I would tell myself to take school more serious due to the affect it will have on my future and go to college dont wait.


I would tell myself to start sooner and to not be afraid of showing my face. I was a shy person and I have worked past that and now I wonder how it would be if I did this sooner. Don't wait two years, go when you get your chance.


Don't waste time with the things that won't matter in the future.


Hello high school self. My first piece of advice for you concerning your college experience is don't be so afraid to get involved. College is nothing like high school. People are much nicer and don't care as much about what you're wearing or who you're talking to. There are so many different clubs and activities and classes that are there to help you discover what interests you and to let you have some fun. Meet as many people as you can because you can never have too many friends. Also, don't assume you are going to fail before you even try, because you have no idea until you give it a shot. Let loose a little more and have fun, but don't forget about your grades. You might regret not studying harder.


Stay focused. Don't give up because there are better things out there. Everything will work itself out in the end. Don't lose your dream because you are strong and you will make it.


I would tell myself not to wait seven years to start college. It only made it harder to start back up. Now I have a son who I want to make a better life for. College is well worth the time and the effort. I would tell myself that even though I thought I didnt want to go to college that in the end I will want to go.


I would've told myself to ALWAYS concentrate on schoolwork and never take it for granted because it can get you far when apply yourself.


Take as amny classes as possible for all things I am interested in. Don't take breaks and finish BA before I get married or have a child.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself how important it is to miss no opportunities! While having a social life and enjoying sports is important, it is not the most important part of high school. Preparing yourself for college and life is the most important thing in life. You will have to live with the decisions you made, while in high school, for the rest of your life. Study hard, and learn all that you can. This will not only prepare you for college, it will prepare you for life. Anything worth having is worth working hard for!


0nce you are out of school you need to start looking for grants for collage. also try to have a job, at least part time. you can use your injury as a posibility for grates or scholerships. Also you can may be able to use the posibility of being a swimmer, snowboarder, or being a brain injury surviver. Never lose the sight of what you can do. there are always possibilitys.


To start college way earlier than I did, but having children early it was hard for me to complete college. I think I would tell myself to keep going and make sure that I keep my eye on the goal ahead.


I would have told myself to seek more help in getting more money for college, and I could have finished a Bachelor's Degree by now, maybe even a doctrine, but it is never to late to finish, you just have to find the sources that are welling to help. I would have stayed more focus on completing my educational goal.


Melissa, always believe in yourself. You are a wonderful person, student and young mother. Just because you’re a teen mom doesn’t mean you can’t walk with your head held high and follow your dreams. It’s now or never; and you of all people CAN do this. Don’t let life wait because of the fears and struggles you’ve faced. It’s your turn to show the world that no matter where you’ve come from or what you have done there is always hope. Your dreams can come true if you let them. You are stronger then you’ll ever know. Don’t let this life beat you up. It’s your choice to get up, grab your life and live it like you stole it, or sit and be no one and do nothing. It’s up to you, what are YOU going to do? It’s your life and your sons future, you got this. GET UP AND GO!!! LIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT MELIS!


I would ask myself if I was truly prepared for the demands of college life. I would point out that college requires a tremendous amount of focus, and suggest undertaking college when I could focus on studies. I would advise myself to spend a few years working a full-time job to save money for future college expenses. Furthermore, I would recommend living with family for approximately two years after college and setting aside money for college savings. One of the most important pieces of advice that I would give myself is to point out the precious value of a college education. I would advise myself to work out a lot of the problems I struggled with during late adolescence before undertaking college. I would also remind myself that a college education offers more choices in life. Therefore, as I would tell myself, it's of utmost importance to persevere and work hard to graduate on schedule. I would advise myself not to let hardships, personal problems, or frivolity distract me from my primary goal--a college degree!


I am currently attending a local community college to further my education. I decided to attend Dutchess County Community College before going away to school at Johnson and Wales University to pursue my career in Baking and Pastry and Food Service Management. While at the community college I am considered a Business Admin Transfer. This means I take classes such as micro and macroeconomics, sociology, algebra and statistics. This gives me a great advantage for when I go away to university because I will not need to have so much on my plate and can truly focus on the food industry. I will be able to study harder, focus more and excel as much as possible with taking fewer credits each semester. I have also been able to get a feel for college life with learning the different teaching styles of professors, and understanding how much work can be assigned all at once. This is valuable to me because now I have been able to better manage my time and focus to complete work well ahead of deadlines.


It is valuable with our children being the future. It is very important to show our children what they can do with their lives and that there are major possibilities to choose from. We, as a parent, have made them our first priority before futhering our own career. I want my children to get the best out of life as I have had the enjoyment in doing. Going to college has given me the freedom to experience with my children. I have learned an abundance within the college of my choice.


By attending South University - Savannah I feel I have gotten a college that I can be comfortable in. South University - Savannah has given me a way to go to achieve my dreams and still be there for my family. This is invaluble to me. The value I have gotten out of South University - Savannah is immense. From the quality of the education I am recieving, to how personable the staff is, to how they made it easy for me to understand exactly what it is that is required of me I truly feel they helped me achieve a better future for myself and my family.


Back in high school, I barely made the 2.0 GPA to graduate. Soon after beginning college, I made the Dean's List for having higher than a 3.5 GPA. College allowed my creativity to flourish. I was free to have my individual thoughts unlike in high school where everything was done by the book and without room for individualism. I have grown tremendously in the 2 years after graduating and from being in college. Now, I need help to continue and finish my college education due to my financial well running dry. Help me so I can help others. I plan to get a degree in either Firefighting or Criminal Justice in order to help people in desperate need. If I had been asked 3 years ago what I planned to do with my life, I would have been unable to answer, but because of my college experience, I can say with certainty that I want to help people despite the risks.


So far I ahve gotten the exsperience of being in a college. I understand now the calsses and how much more responsibility there is and how I have come to enjoy it. I attend a technical school right now but hope to get into a university by next year. Im just glad to be able to go to college and get the education I need to excel in my future. So pretty much what i have learned is responsibility and committment gets you further in life than just waiting around on things to be handed to you.


Learning a valuable the cost of college


Being able return to school to further my education by way of online classes has been very enpowering and filled with freedom. The ability to complete my education through distance learning is very important to me as I am married, have four kids and do not have the time or energy to go to conventional college classes. It will be valuable to attend in two ways. First, I will be able to complete my degree in a short period of time and with very little intrusion into normal life. Secondly, I am furthering my education, and will be able to find better employment to provide my family with a better life. It is valuable because I am investing in my future and also my family's. A job in the field of study I am in would allow me to save money to send my children to college and invest in thier future's. Becoming recently unemployed has made me realize I need to invest in myself and my family for our future.


Just by obtaining a college education is valuable, because knowledge and education holds the key to our future as a student and as a individual. I can acheive anything in life, I can accomplish anything in life, and I can do anything or be anything in life with an Education. What I have gotten out of my Education is a possitive outlook on life , self, and the key to my future. Education was the start of all that.


At 42 unemployed with children I needed to make a positive change. My online schooling has been awesome, staff are friendly and very knowledgeable, I have made lifelong friends whom are interested in my success as I theirs. This is the best decision I have ever made, and my skills as a critical thinker are growing on every assignment, with any mistakes I get a chance at redemption so I am excited to learn and graduate with a Bachelors in Bussiness Administration and Hospitality Management in 2013, I will use my degree to compliment my 30 yrs in the hospitality industry, then I will run a private Resort and Spa. This Scholarship is going to help me graduate on time with my classmates and propel me to the life my girls and I truely deserve ! Thank you and God bless you! Chef Silvestre Cota


So far, out of my year and a half at Middle Georgia College, I have learned that I can do anything that I set my mind. Before attending, I though thought that college would be to hard for me and that I could not do it, but the teachers at this school are amazing they are willing to help in any way they can and the school has plenty of programs to get you the extra help that you might need.


As the first in my immediate family to attend college, the entire experience was daunting but a risk and a challenge I was willing to take. In 1991, I visited the University of Oregon and Western Oregon State College to see what felt right. Ultimately I selected Western with the intent to teach but ended up transferring to Chemeketa Community College. By 1997, I completed an Associates Degree in Nursing ; now, thirteen years later, I am a wife and a mother and wish to continue my education. South University has helped me actualize that dream. In the beginning I had hoped to make my family proud as I pursued a career which suited me. Now I have the chance to provide a positive example for my son. I hope to teach him how to value an education and to take advantage of all the opportunities we are given in America. Taking our talents for granted is not acceptable; we should cultivate our gifts into something more, no matter how complete we think we are. Upon completing my Bachelor's Degree, my son will better understand this lesson through my actions, and I will also have grown.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is knowledge, the desire to keep learning new things, and not to let anything hold you back to achieve your goals. It has been valuable for me to attend college because it improves my personal value as an employee to be able to receive a higher wage and possibly a higher position within a company. Attending college has also been valuable by making me a good role model for my children, family, and friends.


The college experience has taught me to research the "truth" by myself. I think it's valuable for me to attend - not only because I want a degree to change job fields - but because I want to make myself a more knowledgeable person.


College is the first big step you will take in a series of steps called the rest of your life. Life is serious and to be taken seriously but, not too seriously. Make lots of friends and build a support group. Call home often and remember, your family is only as far away as the telephone. Yes, it's okay to call home at 2:00am, especially when you are having a nervous breakdown. Count on your friends to always tell you when you are studying too much. Study as much as you can but remember to have fun, too. The library is your friend so is your professor. Make friends with yourself and discover who you are. Take time to look out the window, study the sky, and see shapes in the clouds. Live on campus, it helps you learn what you are capable of doing. Live, laugh, learn, and love that which is called college.


If I could go back to my high school years I would advise myself of this: Always be diligent and put your best foot forward.Remember that going to college is taking the step toward improving and making a stable life for your adulthood.Be dedicated and attentive at all times, concentrating on the work at hand.You must be prepared for obstacles and be able to overcome them with ease learning a lesson from each of them, whatever they may be.Going to college can be a fun experience as well as a learning experience, but do not let the fun take control.You are there to prepare for the rest of your life.


Always apply yourself and do what you dread the most first. Attending college while in High School helped me prepared for a later decision to return to school and complete my degree. being from a family where both were teachers I find the discipline is still there after all these years and that learning is still fun, I am proud for that foundation. If I was in High School, I would tell myself that I should have never dropped out of college and that I could have continued on because I am deemed to perservere and overcome regardless. Follow your dreams and they will become reality! Do not get married pursue your career would be the first and then when life gives you lemons, make lemonaid. I have learned that I should have listened to my parents and aas a parent myself, I hear myself saying the same directives! I will succeed, regardless.


If I had the opportunity to go back and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would tell myself to find what I want to do in life and go after it 100%. I would warn myself to make good financial decisions and avoid any credit card debt and keep my student loans to a minimum and to not waste any money on unneeded items. I think the biggest thing I would stress to myself is to not allow myself to get complacent with my situation and allow it to dictate to me what I do. Avoid the influences of others to participate in activities I did not feel comfortable with and to focus on my work at hand. Putting in the work early will make my work later easier as the classes build on each other. Try to enjoy the experience of college life as you only get to do it once and stay the course and be positive. Negativity only breads more negativity.


I would have pushed myself to go to college right after graduation from high school. I really wanted to go however life stuck its ugly head at me and during my senor year I found myself homeless and no where to turn I had a great principale that help me to see the importance of seeing things through. I had a lot going on and lived in a old van and completed high school and began the process of diging myself out of the hole I was in. Looking back now I could have done the same thing in college and not have wated twenty years. Thank you for this opertunity, Daniel


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college isn't as easy and as laid back as you think. College is hard and it requires self descipline. You can't hold anything off until the last minute and it's not worth it to fail a class. I am currently paying for my own college degree's and if I could tell myself one thing it would be to do really good because when your spending your own money, it puts you back into reality.


Paul, college life can be very hard on you. So I would advise you do three things before starting college: become active in a church ( GOD will get you through any problems), take a psicology course somewhere, and finaly take up meditation ( rather then drugs or booze). THe most important advice I have for you is to BE YOURSELF!


If I could go back to high school and talk to myself about college I would say "Dont wait on your education". Decide now what you want to do for a career. Make sure its something you will always enjoy doing. Make sure to collect as many credits as possible on your journey. School will never be just a breeze but life would be with the right education. Dont give up no matter how tuff it seems or how bad your day has gone. Just think about what you will have in the end. Dont worry about financial obligations for school. There's a saying " If there is a will, There is a way". Its true. There's another saying " You can be and do anything you want, the sky is the limit". Start looking for that college now. Search around everywhere find the one for you. Make a list of questions to ask when you are searching. Make sure the college has to offer everything you need for your career education. Remember there is always some there to help you. Good luck and Stay in school.


As an high scool student its best interst to go straight to college after graduation. i would recommend as a junior in high school to start search for colleges and scholarships available. VOLUNTEER work is a plus when applying for some grants. During the process of chosing a college consider driving distance, tution cost , requirement to complete degree . ALSO if college does intership even the college credition ,and the stable career choice. In some case the clubs and tutoring avialiable during and after school.


I would advised myself to go to a community college first because I could have saved money on tuition and by living at home while getting my general education classes. Since I am not involved in campus life and community colleges are not generally large competitors in school sports, a community college may have prevented me feeling somewhat out of place in my school prior to South University. I would also tell myself to find time for a social life outside of school, work, and my family. I would stress the value of being balanced and not stressing on one section of life because in a few years I would regret the experiences I did not let myself have in other sections of my life.


I will definitely attend college after high school because your mind is still fresh. I will be very focused and clear from any distractions. Attending college and finishing after high school is a big advantage. Your grades could be better and you will understand the work better.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself a few things about college life and making the transition. College life is not as scarey and hectic as every one makes it sound. You will meet great people and friends but you can't let it get in the way of your studies because a good college ethic will help to establish a good attitude towards your career. Give it your all but also don't alienate everyone around you at the same time. Being independant is an important skill to aquire before making the transition to college. College takes some time to get used to but I know that you will do awesome if you allow yourself to relax a little and not stress the little things. The important thing is to enjoy yourself and above all else learn!


The question would seem to be directed to a young person who is beginning their college career, whereas I on the other hand am 48 and return to school after a long absence (I took my GED in 1977). My advice to myself would have been to stay in school and to stop using drugs. Too many young lives are derailed by bad choices in this area. I made many foolish choices in the three decades that began in 1970 ? and it has been a hard road working up and out of the wreckage of my past - I have learned the hard way that some choices are irrevocable. I remain content though because I know that while there may be no way to make real amends I can make the good choice in this present moment and let God handle the rest. This is my time now and I will make good use of it. Thank you. Gil Serrano


Don't play as much, go to class, read and study, get help if necessary. While participation in social activities is necessary, going to class is more important. More discipline, more attention to detail and more caring about my future. I should have looked at the benefits of a college education at 18 rather than the socialization and I probably wouldn't be going to school at 58! Kids need to understand that in this day and age, a college education will go further to attain the dream job, than a just a high school education.


The advice I would give my self is to strive for success. You can do anything you set your mind too, as long as you believe in yourself to accomplish this. Having a college education can open so many more doors for youself. It may be another few years before you are completely finished, but it will all be worth it in the end! Just remember to do your best, and work hard at anything you want to accomplish. Yes, you can always go to college; no matter how old you are. However, this is your greatest opportunity right here.


Pay more attention to my councelor advice. And that I would not take things for granted and make sure that I set aside time for studying and pay more or better attention to my teachers.I would make sure that I would get the proper rest at night so that I would be ready for the next day.


Go to college early in life