Southeast Community College Area Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Leshlie, college is hard you know this. Dont be scared to raise your hand, itll all be fine; you will love it! i know that because im you. when your having a hard time your advisers are there to help you allong the way trust me youll be in their office every few weeks. dont be scared to make friends, and a studdy group will be your saviour. just start studying for anatomy Leshlie trust me that class is hard, youll be doing us a favor if you did. theres nothing else i can tell you, but have fun and goodluck.


If I could go back and tell myself what I know now, wow there would be a lot! First off I would tell myself how to appreciate everything my parents did for me because when I moved away there was so much I was unaware of. Another thing I'd tell myself is to try a lot harder in school then what I did, I know i could have been accepted into UNL if I would have tried harder. I would tell myself not to stress out so much about the little things and to enjoy life a lot more. I was so caught up in boys and wanting to hang out with friends that I let it get in the way of spending more time with my family and it is something I regret. Then the biggest thing I wish I could go back and tell my high school self is to do as many scholarships as possible! I do not want my parents going through the burden and stress of dealing with paying for my college so it'd mean a lot to them and myself for me to be awarded with this scholarship.


If I could go talk to my self as a high school senior, it would have to be to go back and tell myself to duel enroll in classes that count for college. I would do this because now that I am in the military sometimes it is a huge struggle to balance college courses with the demands of the military. I normally take about 16 to 18 credit hours in college, which is about 6 classes at a time. This becomes very challenging because I have to plan with the military in the time I have; this tasks include, Working out, continuing education, and completing drill weekend, which takes 3 days away from me a month.


I would tell myself, "Work Marina as hard as you can. It will pay off later". All my grades and all my work are like money for a future. I can be anybody I want, and I can make money as much as I worked on my education. I can have fun and staff. I could drive a favorite car and have status. School is hard but it is amazing because you can learn a lot of cool things. The best thing of all it is not just learning you can have a degree at the end. The coolest and best friends are met at the college. College times it the time you will never forget and never regret you did it. Go for it!!!!


If i could go back in time and tell myself what college is like i would tell myself to save as much money as i could. Be ready not to have people telling you to get your work done are reminding you when its to be done by. I would also tell myself how much more freedom there is so staying on top of you studies is the most important thing you can do. As long as you do that everything should be ok and you will fine.


I would have told myself to take more Advance Placement classes so I was more prepared for what it would be like in a college setting. I would have told myself to look at more options as far as where to go to school so I had more of a opportunity to get out of the state and meet new people.


If i could redo my high school senior, i wouldn't do a thing different. You see i am now attending college which should be my senior year in high school. During high school i loved it , but i wanted out so i talked to my advisor and got a plan together to gruaduate in three years. So now technicly now my first year of college is my last year of high school and its still playing out and i have no complants so far!


If i could go back in time, and talk to myself when I was a senior I would explain to myself how important it is to keep my grades up. I mean i didn't have bad grades. My gpa was a 3.78 which is not bad, but it could have been better if I would have not slacked off my last quarter. I would also explain to myself that i should have paid attention to the material that we covered in class. It would have help me out with the science classes that I am taking now. I think daily about what I would have done differently in high school if i would have known what i do today. I would tell myself to sign up for scholarships, because i didn't sign up for any my senior year. I think that would be the number one thing that i would tell myself. It could have saved me from the expenses I have now. With having a child, i wish i would have applied for scholarships.


I would make sure I told myself to go and visit the college before attending rather than just doing internet research. I would also encourage myself to study harder and get better grades which can lead to better financial opportunities and make paying for college much easier. But above everything I wuld make sure that I understood that I would have to give up video games and movies, because college is much more involved than High School ever was.


When i went through high school i was the shy type that didn't talk to anyone. If i could go back in time and tell myself advice i would say to myself that you need be more social. You need to get out there and show people how intellegent you are. What a great person you are. You also need to have better study habits.


Save as much money as you can and take college credit classes in your free time, such as english, math, and science. Don't procrastinate on long assignments and take on a challenge instead of letting one go. Do as many business/finaces and math classes you can because they lead to great money management skills and greatly improve common sense.


I would make sure I know that I needed to work really hard at going to school right after school because it is harder to go back later in life.


Just to be prepared for it cause it is not easy and also to enjoy and make the most of it, becasue college is just around the corner.


The most important things I could emphasize to myself would be motivation and perseverance. Without those, I don't think anyone could make it through any task, such as college. Of course all of the obvious things are important, i.e. meeting deadlines, good grades, student involvement. But without motivation and perseverance, even the smallest tasks can seem gigantic. I was a full time (plus) student, working full time (plus) and without motivation and perseverance, I would have never made it past my first semester. It is so easy to give up, but is also much less satisfying.