Southeast Missouri State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about the smaller class sizes and individualized attention you recieve from your instructors. I attended another college and dropped out because the classes were so big that I could never really pay attention or ask many questions. I appreciate that the instructors care enough about our education that they help us individually and listen to our concerns about the classes. Knowing that someone wants to help me improve my life and make a difference gives me great joy. I have teachers in my family and I love that they help to improve others lives.


Cape is like two completely different towns sitting right next to each other. You have Cape itself, then there is SEMO campus. The school campus is so beautiful, especially in the fall. It's like time just stood still in some of the areas on campus. The architecture is so well preserved. I go out for walks sometimes with my camera, and the pictures that I take are so amazing.


The friendships I have made attending this school.


I brag about the teachers. They are very helpful when teaching the students and when they give assignments, they always give a way to contact them outside of class if we need help.


I tell my friends about how diverse the classes are and that you can find anything there to interest you. All my teachers have been very hands on and go beyond their own range to help out.


I mostly brag about the professors I have had. I have always had good professors or, if they are difficult, I have leanred to become more focused and, in turn, a well rounded person. I enjoy the campus and I feel it is a great place to go.


My school is a great deal. The education we receive is outstanding and the cost of going to school here is very low compared to other state schools. There is always something to do wether it be school sponsored or just with a group of friends. We have many well known people come and speak on campus and a lot of students usually attend these events.


My fraternity.


How it feels like home and how I fit right in


I tell them that I enjoy the size of the campus and all of the facilities that Southeast Missouri State University has to offer. It is a fun school to attend to experience Division 1 athletics and competitive Intramurals. The class sizes remain relatively small and techers know you by name and help you to succeed.


It would probably be a tie between two things. I always talk about how wonderful of an experience I have had in the Golden Eagles Marching Band, but I really love how the music program is run as well. We are one of the few colleges who offer 'Master Class,' which has countless benefits on music majors at the same time that it encourages us to support one another. The faculty in the music department gets along so well with one another and functions like a team, which is a refreshing change compared to some other schools.


Possibly one of the most frequent topics that is brought up in conversation is the Mass Communication Department, which is a very good place for future tv/film career seekers. It is a place that I am most active.

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