Southeast Missouri State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Sororities and Fraternities because in order to join one you had to have a lot of money. They would do community service projects and show their school spirit through events which would be appealing on resumes. Which is all great on paper but in reality they simply wrote a lot of checks and drank a lot of beer.


I believe that the worst thing about Southeast Missouri State University would have to be absolutly nothing.


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The worst thing about Southeast is that there are too many choices. I hve a hard time deciding on what courses to take because I have so many options. But I don't even consider that a major issues. I love Southeast.


I believe that the choice of food that is on our campus is the worst thing. There really is not a big variety of different styles of food that we can choose from.


Moving into the high rise dorms was difficult with only two elevators


The worst thng about my school is the fact that it is semi far away from other big cities. Memphis and St. Louis are the closest places to go out of the city itself.


I really don't have any complaints except that, the sports teams are not good. If the sport teams were better then maybe there might be more of an interest by the students to go cheer their school on.


The worst thing about our school is the parking situation. There is limited availability of parking spots and the school is very strict on where students can park. The school is very notorious for being very strict and non forgiving on parking tickets. In my freshman year I received 4 or 5 parking tickets, and each came with a $80 fine! It is very annoying and hard to explain to parents. I wish the school would be more generous and understanding with a disgruntled student body tired of expensive parking tickets.


Campus dining is the worst part about SEMO. It starts off great and gets worse as the year continues. The salad bar is my favorite because it is healthy and delicious. However, I don't like to eat the same thing for every meal and there are not many healthy options. I do know that they are working on improvingthe food.


Sometimes I feel that the food is not varied enough, but for the most part I enjoy Southeast Missouri State and have found no real problems that would convince me not to attend.


I attend a off campus site, sometimes you can't get all the classes that you need.


I think the worst thing about SEMO is the lack of technology. The internet is never dependable and not wireless. The computers in the computer labs are very slow and rarely work properly. The technology in the classrooms is always malfunctioning or outdated.


Such a small school everyone knows everything about everyone else.


The worst thing at Southeast is the stereotype of all Frats/Soroities going out and partying, and the 'fact' that you aren't college made if you can't have a little fun. It kind of gets annoying how superficial people can be about their jobs too, in a way that makes a person two-faced, when they are you friend one moment, but the next its down to business because their superior is there with them.

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