Southeast Missouri State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think Southeast Missouri University is a great University for any kind of person. There are organizations and classes for outgoing people, extroverts, social butterflies, humble hermits, smartie pants, and creative critters. There are so many opportunities for anyone and everyone to get involved and enjoy their experience here.


I believe any kind of person should attend this school. It's a great school with great academics. If the person likes small rural areas then this school is great for them. Any person that wants to get away from the big city will love Southeast. Everyone is very nice and easy to get along with so anyone would love this school.


Some body who wants to progress in life and is a middle class family and is a family person who will be willing to learn at any cost.


This school is very friendly, and very good place to meet people. Even if you're a shy and not outgoing person, its hard to not meet people and get involved.


A person who attends SEMO should be well rounded that does not have academics as their top priority.


The type of person that should this school should be outgoing, like small class sizes, and friendly. An open-minded person will do well here because for a small university we have a good range of ethnic diversity here. The person also needs to be talkative because most classes will have open discussion and oral presentation assignments.


A person that is dedicated but also likes to go out and have a good time. Sororities and fraternities are huge on this campus. If you are a guy and not in a fraternity there isn't much to do. A lot of people go home on the weekends so I would say don't live too far away.


All kinds of people should attend this school, it's a wonderful school.


Small town person

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