Southeast Missouri State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Getting to your car in a timely manner was the most frustrating part about campus. You really have to plan your time wisely if you need to get to work or class because you never can be sure where you are going to park. The school does have efficient shuttles that run around campus and to your car.


Nothing about Southeast is frustrating to me.


The amount of homework given.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the parking situation and also the revolution around the greek life.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is the way the school spends our, the students', tuition money. New buses that drive around campus have been bought but were not needed. Also, there have been many televisions that were purchased when there was no need for them.


The most frustrating thing is the lack of help when a problem does arise. Many students often receive indifferent treatment when they have a problem with the support staff outside of the instructors. I work on campus and often have to answer a phone call where a student has been bounce around campus and dumped on random departments because the first person just didn't want to deal with them or didn't try.


The most frustrating thing about Southeast is the parking. I am a commuter student so I don't get the benefit of parking closer. You can apply for closer parking permits, but since I am a freshman I'm at the bottom of the list to obtain one. So since I don't have one of these preferred parking permits I must park in the perimeter commuter parking lots that are located outside the campus. Then it takes me ten minutes to walk from my car to campus.


Parking on Campus, not enough


The most frustrating thing about my school is the distance between classes.


Parking tickets


The most frustrating this would have to be how difficult housing is because you're forced to get a roommate on your own after freshmen year.


The availability of classes to underclassmen.


The most frustrating thing about my school is dining services. most students go home on the weekends, but i stay here. it is very hard to eat when i want to on the weekends, things are not open all the time. I have to plan my day according to when the dining halls are open, somethimes my job doesnt allow me to eat on campus when thigs are open because they are only open for a few hours a day.


Its slightly difficult as an adult student in regards to Fin. Aid. I'm a single-non parent working full time and going to school full time all while trying to afford my costs of living along with any extras that come with paying for my school.


I struggle with a limited availability with class scheduling. As an Art major, I would benefit from an opportunity to be more flexible with my schedule. The studio classes are in three hour blocks and each class only has one time slot. This makes scheduling difficult.

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