Southeast Missouri State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that majority of the school population was conservative. Many students lived in rural areas and were oppressed by religion and some notion of racism. There were many activities on campus for liberals and for students to simply open their minds to new ideas but off capmus there was not.


I wish I would have known a lot before coming to Southeast. First, I wish I would have had better grades, and a higher ACT score to receive more money from the school. In my senior year, I started to become very lazy in my academics, just because I was so tired of my high school, and I was very eager to graduate. Had I known how important your grades really are when going to college, I would have tried ten times harder in my classes, because in the end having good grades is very beneficial for financial aid awards.


I wish I would have known that the campus was so hilly. I also wish I would have known about all the construction.


That the campus was really hilly, and what the community around the school was like.


I wish I would have known more about the programs the school offers. I feel like I didn't do enough research before I decided upon the school and my current program. I regret not taking my time and visiting more Universities beforehand and being limited by what University I could afford to attend, and what Universities I wanted to attend. I found that by doing internships I could figure out what I liked and disliked about a career, I wish I had more time to do more internships before settling into a single program here.


I wish I would have known about the food and the staff before I came to this school. I say the food because they told us it was going to be healthy food and you can order whatever you want but that was wrong, it is very unhealthy. Then with the staff is that some of them here don't really help you with what you need help with like trying to pick classes for next year.


I dont think I would have wanted to know anything, I liked figuring out the school for myself.


One thing I wish I had experience with before I came to this school is speech. I'm a pretty shy person and I never really took any speech classes in High School so I've never really had experience with talking in front of people. Now that i've started college i've noticed that i will have to do a lot of talking. It's not that bad either because i get to experience it now and it's better late than never. Although having had experience already would've helped a bit more.


I wish I would have know that the classes are spread out very far apart from one another.


There were not too many surprises when I arrived in the fall of Freshman year. I had a few visits, in those visits I got a very clear image and understanding of the school. It is a very greek society oriented school. It is medium sized, with about 10,000 undergrad students. It is the perfect size and environment for my college career. Most professors are understanding and helpful. The weekends are very eventful and there is always something to do everyday of the week. Not all university activities are alcohol related.


I wish I would had known that I would have been good enough to play on the women's basketball team.


I wish I had known how long you have to wait for a shuttle bus. Most of the time, it is faster to walk to class. I also wish I would have known the campus better. It's a good idea for incoming students to take a campus tour and get to know what classes are offered in what building.


I wish I had known how the finicial aid process really worked, and more about on campus jobs.


I wish I would have known how difficult financial aid can be!


I wish I had known and developed more socially


How much I would enjoy going back to school. I believe I would have gone back sooner had I known how compassionate and encouraging the professors where here. They have really inspired me to challenge myself and to accept the talents that I already have.


How bad your first year advisor is at keeping track of your records.


I wish I would have spoken to an advisor about what classes I would be accepted by their program before I earned my AA degree at a different school.

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