Southeastern Community College-Whiteville Top Questions

What should every freshman at Southeastern Community College-Whiteville know before they start?


If I could go back and converse with my high school self, I would most importantly reassure myself that I could do it. I would also tell myself to not worry about all the other students who were going off to large campuses. My choice to start my college education at a community college was ultimately the right choice for me. I will graduate May 9th of this year with a two year degree in Psychology and I couldn't be more proud of all I have accomplished. I would also tell myself that, as long as I stayed focused on my goals I would succeed. With this door closing at Southeastern Community College, new ones are opening for me and this fall I will continue my education at Coastal Carolina University of South Carolina. I would end my conversation by saying that "overall, college is not easy; the classes require a great deal of effort but in the end, that feeling of accomplishment - of knowing you can be more than what was expected - is an amazing feeling." I would say "Candace, make yourself and your family proud!"