Southeastern Louisiana University Top Questions

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What is unique about Southeastern compared to other schools is that we our classes are considered small. This is a great thing since that means you can create a personal relationship with teachers, faculty, and staff. At Southeastern, you aren't just another number, but an actual student.


The campus is a great size. It is not to big not to small. You really begin to feel like you know people.


I lived nearby, and I received a few scholarships specific to SLU so it didn't make much sense at the time to attend anywhere else.


It offers a major university type setting in a relatively small city so that students can stay local or not be intimidated by a school such as Louisiana State University. The university also offers a rental book store, unlike most universities.


The most unique characteristic about Southeastern Louisiana University is that it's a smaller college. Southeastern gives the student's opportunities to become more familiar with not only their teachers but their peers as well. Along with this, the buildings are close together and allows the students to have time to explore everything the campus has to offer during his or her break.


One of the wonderful things about Southeastern is the compassion and kindness of the faculty-as well as their desire to see their students improve. The class sizes are large enough for a diverse group, yet small enough that your professors KNOW your face, and your name. If you want to make an office appointment, you can be sure your professor will help you! Students are also very helpful. If you need notes, want to start a study group, or need a tutor (at a student price), they're all easy to find.


I love Southeastern becuase the campus is just big enough but not to big. Everyhtign on this campus is close and is easy to access. THis campus Is a greta school for my major. THis is school helps with anything that a student needs. Also, i love this campus becuase it lets the students get involve in everythign on campus. One more thing is i love how we can rent the books instead of buying them like most schools do.


My school is super friendly. It's really a great community.


It's homey and inviting.


It has textbook rental.


Though there are a lot of students that attend this school, it has a small school feel. Compared to other universities, the fees are low and the education is wonderful.


It is smaller than other schools that I looked at. The small campus and classes help to have a more personal feel to it. At other schools students are numbers here we are people with names and feelings.




my profesors realy seem to care for my well being and are willing to help if they can.