Southeastern Louisiana University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love to tell people that the teachers at Southeastern get to know you better on a one on one baisis.


I brag about how small the classrooms are making it easier to learn and get help from the teacher. Also, I like to tell my friends about the new union and how beautiful it is.


I love to tell my friends about the book rental program we have here at Southeastern Louisiana Universtiy. Every class if it has a textbook that you need to rent will always be just forty-five dollars. It does not matter if it is five books in the class to rent all five books for that one class would just be forty-five dollars. I have saved so much money here, with my six courses I only spent two hundred and seventy dollars on books, where as my firends in other schools spent closer to one thousand.


The food is wondeful.


The openess and flexablity of the classes.


The main thing that I brag about at this school is that it is very easy to access the teachers outside of class. Most of the teachers that I have had the three years that I have been there have been very helpful outside of class and are willing to take their time with you until you are able to understand the material.


The atmosphere a Southeastern is very laid-bak and comfortable. The people are friendly, the grounds are lovely, and the buildings are newly renovated. There's a great gym, library, and cafeteria. The dorms are new and kept in good condition. The teachers are helpful and highly qualified.


I tell them about the student/teacher relationships I have. They're wonderful because the teachers help me gain professional experience. They write personal recommendation letters, and help you as much as the can, even to get scholarships.


When I tell people about my school, I always mention how much I love the campus and the enviroment.


How great our art teachers are.


The main things I brag about most to my friends about my school would be the nursing courses and the extra curricular activity I'm involved in.


That i can take classes online and on campus in order to fit my schedule around my kids


I often brag that there is always something going on here on campus.


the most I brag about is the education program that Southeastern offers. it is is the highest in the state and makes it a lot easier to find a job teaching when your degree says Southeastern Louisiana University.


It has a nice gym and library.


It depends on the topic being discussed. At Southeastern, we do not have a large Pride among students; however, the University staff works continually to make better options for students to increase pride.