Southeastern Louisiana University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is laid back, hardworking, and most of all decicated. You need to be relaxed about the cruve balls that will be thrown your way, hardworking because school is not a picnic, and decaited enough to attend your classes and actively listen.


Anyone looking for a more hands on learning environemt due to smaller classes would love it here. There are also great opportunities within the Greek community on campus [so I've heard]. It's a little school with a whole lot of spirit.


Someone who is looking for small college classes with an emphasis on working with professors willing to help an individual accomplish their academic goals.


The people that should attend this school are students that are going to be dedicated in the field that they are trying to get into. This school is mostly for Business, Nursing, and Art majors. These colleges are very competitive and requires a lot of dedication from the students. Also, the student should be hard working and arrive on time to everything.


The type of person who should attend this school would be someone looking for a smaller university with very caring instructors.


Someone looking for a small school that is still kind of academically challenging, should attend this college.




Someone who is not looking for a very big school. Teacher to student ration is small and so is the campus.


One who does not get inot LSU or another large university.


I think anyone looking to find out more about themseleves or about people in general should attend this school.


Anyone who can afford to gto to colllege should attend this school. It offers alot of help, even if you do not know what you wantto be. This school helps alot of students who enroll taking general study courses to fing out what they want to do in life.


Someone goal orinented


Anyone can attend this school really. You do not have to be a certain kind of person to go here. No, Southeastern is not as big as LSU so it may not be as cool to go here but Southeastern can give you just as good as an education as LSU if not better. The type of person who should go here is someone who is looking for a good education.


People who want a smaller university than going to LSU. Southeastern has smaller classes & I believe easier to learn than on a big campus.