Southeastern Louisiana University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are not serious about school. If you do not do the school work or come to class you will fail, and there is no point in even coming to the school if your going to do that.


Someone who is looking for a large university wouldn't like Southeastern. It is a good school with a moderate amount of students, and the student-to-teacher ratios are usually 1:11. Someone who wants an elite school wouldn't like Southeastern either because the student body is very diverse academically, making a place for everyone. Someone who wants big-city life may not like the Hammond area because it is very suburban. However, the campus is near the downtown area and recrearional facilities.


Any person who is very close- minded and think that their opionions are the right ones.


Someone who is not goal oriented and does not wan to deal with the pressure of pushing themselves to succeed. Someone who perfers a bigger campus over small town USA.


This is very small campus and is very good for commuters.


Someone who wants to go to a school with good athletics.


One that is not willing to work for what they want


A person who is cannot manage time and priorities efficiently.


A person who is looking to enter a career as soon as they graduate. SLU has a 98% hire rate after graduation. This person should also be driven and goal oriented.


I feel that any type of student should attend Southeastern, for the most part. You should be a driven person ready and willing to recieve a great education. Although some classes are very challenging, it prepares you for the real world. You should be open to new ideas and a great college experience. The school is not biased against any religion, race, ethnic group etc.


People who don't have respect for other people or people who are criminals should not attend this college.




Someone who likes large schools and a lot to do outside of school


People who aren't dedicated to school, and who aren't serious about their future goals and asperations.


People who do want to give school their all should not enroll in this school. SLU focuses on educating its students and getting them ready for the career world.


someone who doesn't come to class, someone who doesn't study