Southeastern Oklahoma State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Do professors know your name? Yes Tell us about your favorite class. Any class held in Russell Building. "John Massey School Of Business" is its primary purpose but they also have social studies/sciences, Orientation, and ACT tests are held there. Least favorite? Science classes. How often do students study? Some study more often than others. Some are in study groups. I was just studying by myself while a study group showed up, chattered, sat or laid down, studied quietly, got up, chattered, and then left. Is class participation common? Yes. Do Southeastern students have intellectual conversations outside of the class? Depends. Are students competitive? Unfortunately they are extremely competitive. What's the most unique class you've taken? Some required music class that I loathed even more than science. Tell us about your major / department: I picked business because a business degree would be nice when having a business. Southeastern seems like the place to get a business degree (the only thing to do there actually) because the Russell Building is the nicest building in the entire campus. I would have taken more classes in The Russell Building because the atmosphere (and structural appearance and condition) helps me motivate to learn, compared to a bleak looking classroom and building. Unfortunately I did not get to take many classes in The Russell Building. Do you spend time with professors outside of class? I never spent time with the professors of my classes outside of those classes except for when I was getting enrolled. But I spent time with a few other professors since I knew them when I was growing up. How do you feel about Southeastern's academic requirements? They barely have any requirements. Enrollment is very accomplishable at Southeastern. The enrollment staff when I was enrolling was very helpful. It is after you have enrolled is when you should start worrying because staying in SOSU is much more difficult. Is the education at Southeastern geared toward getting a job, or learning for its own sake? For its own sake.