Southeastern Oklahoma State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


What is the best thing about Southeastern? I now live far away from it and that is just the way it should be. Name one thing you'd change: The discipline policy. Is the school too large, too small, or just right? It has about a dozen buildings. How do people react when you tell them you go to Southeastern? Some people congratulated me and others wanted me gone. Where do you spend most of your time on campus? I spent most of my time split between the Library/Learning Center and the Russell Building. I prefer the Russell Building the most. I also got a job in the New Student Union. College town, or "what college town"? In that town the college is boasted as the best thing and the only thing. What's your opinion of Southeastern's administration? Some are very helpful while others abuse their power. What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? I think the biggest controversy is wrongful and strict punishment. Is there a lot of school pride? Yes. Is there anything unusual about Southeastern? They are secretive. What's one experience you'll always remember? All the times I was mistreated by some of the workers. I still remember it and still have nightmares. What are the most frequent student complaints? Most complaints are quickly buried so I wouldn't know.