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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to give myself advise about the futrure I would say: "Riley, sports are not the only thing in life. You can not make a decision that determines the rest of your life based on what schools gave you a scholarship to play tennis. Instead, focus on the schools that are academically inclined and have a large variety of majors to choose from. You may think, you want to be an accountant, but in reality you will change your major three times and still not be satisfied with your degree upon graduation causing you to go back to school two years later. Also, join a sorority and try to make friends, instead of being one-track minded. Life will happen soon enough so enjoy this time while it lasts."


I would tell myself to not procrastinate and to not skip. College is easy if you just listen and show up.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have quite a few words to say. I would start by telling myself that it is important to perform to the best of my ability as well as to challenge myself. I would let myself know that it is important to take as much Advanced Placement courses as I can possibly handle because it will prepare me for college level work. I would also let myself know that it is important to not slack off just because it's high school, because my grades in high school reflect on me as a person. I would say that being in college is not easy, and it will be difficult to balance school and work but if you stay focused and determined, you can get through it. I have experienced my first two years of college at a community college, and by going through the transfer process to the University of Maryland, I would tell myself that it is important to act as if community college is just like a big University because it will make the transition a lot less stressful.


If I could go back and tell myself one thing as a senior in high school it would be to plan out the duration of my college as a career from the start. That would include organizing my time inside as well as outside the classroom. Many times students keep account of their class time, but forget about assigned reading or papers to be written while not in the classroom. When I refer to college as a career I mean to be professional as a student. That would consist of attending class and being punctual everyday unless there is an emergency. Also while in class listening attentively, having appropriate materials for that class, and asking questions if unsure about something. These small steps of planning can contribute to the success of a student tremendously. Since I have been a freshman I have become better organized and more prepared which in turn has led to me being able to absorb what I’m learning while in the classroom. If I had known this in the beginning I would have been able to possibly attain more knowledge in my classes.


I have learned a lot about society. I have become more understanding of the world around me. I am learning more and more everyday. Not only am I learning more, I am also making friends that I will have for a lifetime. Southeastern Oklahoma State University means a lot to me. I don't think there is another school I would want to attend while trying to receive my Bachelors in Math Edu. The professors are really helpful and genuinely nice. It has been valuable to attend because it is bettering my education while preparing me for my future.


I have gotten to learn responsibility and freedom. It's been a value to attend because it is preparing me for the real world. If I didn't attend then I probably would have jumped in the world and been in debt. I wouldn't have learned responsibility as well as I know now.


I have learned who I really am as a person. I really didn't have a strong self-identity in high school. As an athlete I never really had to think much for myself so I never developed a self-image. Attending this school has helped me grow into an adult and develop a sense of who I am and what my place is in this world.


Dont worry so much about having cute clothes and cute school supplies no one cares about that in college. When you get to college make sure that you from a study schedule your first week so that you can get the optimal amount of study time that is the key to getting good grades. I know cramming sounds cool, but honestly it doesn't work at all so just don't do it.


If I could go back and tell myself as a senior what I know now, the main thing I would tell myself is don't be afraid of change because allowing yourself to stay in a bubble you never get a chance to experience new things about the world. I would tell myself don't be afraid of going out of state because when you don't have your mom and dad there to help you study or help you get your project together you have to learn to sink or swim. When making the transition to college I would just say its going to be times when you want to party but you have to understand that attendance is part of a grade in college. So you have to sometime sacrafice going out. I would tell myself have fun love the experience but keep your mind on what you came to college to do. But the transition is from high school is not that difficult you just have to stay grounded and true to yourself.


Be prepared to meet a lot of new fun people. Dont be nervous about the classes or teachers. This campus is very friendly and helpful. You will learn a lot of real life helpful hints. Be prepared to be active in groups and going on activities.


If I was inclined to tell my younger self something, I would ask myself to open up; don't be judgmental. Start asking difficult questions now, instead of later. Manage your time and save your money. Don't depend on others so much. Hold your head up; you've got love waiting for you. It's closer than you think. But in reality, I would not tell my younger self anything at all. To me, experience and self-discovery are the most important things we go through in life. Perhaps, by telling myself to be prepared for this or that, I would be holding myself back in some way. College has been a difficult, challenging, and also very interesting experience. I have grown as a person in too many ways to count, and somewhere along the way I learned how to actively persue the highest parts of Maslow's theories. Having done the hard work, and learned from it, I have become a more knowledgeable individual than I would be had I been warned of all of this beforehand.


to start early because when you get older its much harder


Don't give up. Try as hard as you can, and don't let yourself get down. If you wait, it only gets harder.


You have good grades. You can get into a big school with an honor's program, just look harder. Don't settle for a junior college, you won't learn anything there. They say that Junior Colleges will save you money in the long run but you can't get into an honor's program as a transfer student. Keep looking for a university that will pay for you to come. While college should fun and enjoyable, that's not the reason you're going. People don't tend to like people who are booksmart, and people who get good grades. I guess they feel inferior or something. But you like to study, you're really good at school. So don't let what other people say about you turn you away. You'll feel like a loner sometimes, but in the end it will all be worth it. It'll be great when you graduate college with honors, knowing that the four years you spent working so hard payed off in the end.


In high school I was a young arrogant teenager that thought he knew everything. Now I realize that my foolishness then is coming back to haunt me now. The advice that I would give would be to take high school seriously and learn as much as I possibly could instead of goofing around. Taking the step off the ledge into the real world has literally taken my life to a whole new level.


The first thing I would tell myself would be to look at more options before picking one of the most expensive schools in the state. The second thing would be to go straight to Southeastern instead of where I went my freshman year. I would say to learn good study habits in high school so you will have it when you go to college. I would also say go for all the scholarships that apply to you before it is too late and you are looking everywhere for the money just for school.


It takes time to make an adjustment to college life. I would tell myself to know what it is that I want to do with my life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself during my senior year... I would tell myself that college is a lot different then what you see on television, and the transition is not going to be easy. Get ready to hit the books because not everything is as easy cheesy as the classes in high school. If you think that looking over study material once time will get you an A, then you are in for a big surprise. I'd also say that there is a huge difference between 8:00 a.m. classes and 10:00 a.m. classes. You should use your free time wisely to get all of your work completed. Make sure that you are aware of when and where every class is before your first day of school, and if you have any questions then never be afraid to ask someone. Allow yourself to open up to other people so that you can acquire new friendships. When times get rough, don't give up; you have to push yourself . Also, have the initiative to learn as much as you can because college will open many doors for your future.


The best advice I would give myself would be to take some time off of school. I personally was undecided about my future for years after high school and changed my major 5 times during college and felt like it was a waste of time and MONEY!


I would apply for more scholarships. Financial aid is hard to come by and it is difficult to come up with the money when you run out of financial aid before you run out of expenses.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice in high school, I would tell myself not to drop out. I would also suggest that I participate more in things like extracurricular activities and/or community service. I would let myself know that although it seems like working is easier than going to school, it is not worth it in the future, to give up my education. Besides, I still ended up going to college. And the grades I get now only reflect the potential I had back then. I can only imagine how well I would have done had I done things in the right order (high school and college first, then marriage and kids). I would tell myself that I could save myself a lot of hardship if I'd have quit being so hard headed and made the most of my opportunities to get an education. I would let myself know how rough it's been trying to support a family of 6 with both parents having no college education. I'd tell myself to finish school, if not for myself, than for my kids. They deserve better, and so do I.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would change moving to another town to attend my first two semesters of college. I would tell myself this because when you are a freshman and you move to another town it can make things more difficult because you do not know anyone. I would also change this because I would have saved myself about two thousand dollars. Now that I live back at home with my parents my grades have gotten better. I also feel like I am enjoying my time in college a lot more.


I wouldn't change much. I would like to have been more invloved in the college life and made more friends. I would have studied more nad wish I would have know which professors to take and which ones not to. I would have lives with just my sister and brother in law and got a cheaper place. I would have saved more money and not have spent so much. I would have used my time more wisely. Also, don't let other sstress you out and make decisions based on yourself and not others.


Find something that isaffordable but, that is challenging enough for your child.


remember college is a journey and an experience its not suppose to be perfect and if you choose what you want to be in life its ok mom and dad will understand. If you have to drop a class i promise you its not a sin just make sure not to overload yourself next semester (your on probation). Avoid anything that will cause a hangover in the morning especially if you have a test, midterms, finals, or anything involving school officials. If you pass by the seat of your pants congrats, If you try it again you'll fail. Give God thanks for the hail Mary and study next time. Always remember Take a deep breath, Someone loves you and all you can do is smile and think of the positives even when it looks like you don't have a chance or a prayer.


I would say whatever college you choose make sure you get involved!! You meet some of the most amazing people by getting envovled on campus.. You will definalty learn more about yourself by meeting new people.


I am 24 years old and when i graduated high school i knew what i did not whan to do but on the other hand i had no clue what i did want to do. I had a dream of becoming a pilot but at 18 years old i thought it was not realistic. As grew older and attended college i soon realized that a peron can do anything he/she wants to do. I believe a person can accomplish anything as long as that person does not accept NO for an answer. From the first day i began studying Aviation my love for the industry has done nothing but grow. Thank you for taking the time to read the most important life story that i have.


Make certain that you are ready for the college life. I am a non-traditional student and am very grateful for the experiences life had to teach me before I decided on my major and eventual college that fit the needs of my family. It took several years of growing up to realize what I wanted to do with my life. Don't take your grades for granted, they are a reflection of your ability to do well in life, not just " course subjects", study hard and be glad you have the opportunity to learn.


Find out what makes the students most comfortable... how far they are from the parents and so forth... and if the academics is at their liking.


Look for a college that is the correct and size and location for your personality. And find one that offers exactly what you want, don't settle for anything less. Get involved on campus and with the organizations on campus that interest you.


Definately visit the campus first and see if it "feels right". Go on a school day to see what an everyday would look like at the university. Take a look at the DORMS as well.


Go with a college that fits you and not you budget or your parents.


I would say to pick a college where you at least know one person and are friendly with them. Go to class on time, and don't procrastinate. Try to stay away from parting and drinking. It just slows you down. Go as a full time student and try to get everything done asap.


I suggest that everyone should pick three or four different colleges at least and consider how many areas fit in with the applicant's personality, learning style, and preferred living arrangements. I also suggest that the applicant try to familiarize themselves with the campus's security systems, offices, and important phone numbers so that they'll know what to expect and where to go if they they attend it. They should also do their best to get out and meet new people there so that they can develop more of a diversity in their interests and abilities. They should never go anywhere at night by themselves and keep the partying, drinking, and other questionable behaviors to a minimum. They should also be careful of what they post on social websites and change their passwords often to avoid something unpleasant happening. Broadening horizons while maintaining safe behavior is the most important thing I can stress.


When you're looking for a university, don't just consider at price and location. Look for a university that will best suit your personal needs. And when you get there, get involved! As a recipient of SOSU's Top Ten Freshmen award, I know that if you really want to have a great college experience, you have to get out and do something. Don't just go to class and sit in your room. College is what you make it... So why not make it great?


College is what you make it. You will only get what you put in. Nothing is just handed to you, however, it never hurts to ask for help. People know each other here. We build relationships and make connections. We learn and we grow. Then we go on to bigger and better places.


Find a place that is the right size for you! Make sure you love the campus! Also, know what you plan to major in so that you can stay on track for your degree plan!


Trust your gut instinct when you first walk on the campus. Remeber, you will LIVE here for the most influential part of your life. Once you're there, find something to get involved in. Go Greek, join the Choir, involve yourself in Collegiate Ministries, just find yourself something to do other than classes and sleep. If you don't you'll end up physically and emotionally sick! Also, it helps you be held accountable by your peer group. If you have a whole bunch of friends, you're more likely to share a class with one of them. That way, they can bug you when you don't show up to class! It's really positive to have someone say, "Hey, I missed you in Sociology this morning. Let me get you the notes if you promise to never miss again." Finally remember to enjoy the process beginning to end including looking for your college all the way through Graduation! It's the most fun you'll have! Make the best of it!