Southern Adventist University Top Questions

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This University combines a rigorous education program for a career as well as prepares you spiritually for the coming of Jesus. We are a family that aims for the success of all the students and we truly grow as human beings!


My school has a good focus on our beliefs and what students want to do in life. The staff and faculty care a lot of the students. There are always events to help us prepare for our future; for example, we have these events called convocations where different speakers come to the school to talk about their experiences and to help us with our future. Since it is a Christian university we do focus on our beliefs which is great because it helps us the students learn more about our beliefs. Also their are events on the weekend for us.


I consider the way this univeristy interacts with the communities around it to be the most unique thing about this school. Community service is more than just a topic here. Students are encouraged and required to volunteer in the areas surrounding Southern . Diversity is strongly encouraged by everyone. When I sit in class, I look around me and see so many different cultures represented by not only my fellow students but also my professors. This is truly an amazing place.


The overall environment is friendly and warm; the academics are excellent; the price was lowest for the quality.


In my opinion the spiritual atmosphere and the cultural diversity is awesome.


This school is more religion-oriented and it has more typical majors to offer, unlike aeronautics or forensics which were my other choices.