Southern Connecticut State University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


There are dorms and there are also suites. There are 3 bedroom dorms and 2 bedroom dorms. The 3 bedroom costs less, and is what every freshman receives, unless the 2 bedrooms aren't taken up. In a 3 bedroom there's a single bed and a bunkbed. In every room there are only 2 closets, and there are desks, and columns of drawers, so with a 3 bedroom, making space for yourself can get tricky. The dorms are called straightlines because they are where all freshman live on campus. Depending on your credits, and when you are a sophomore, you are able to live in a suite, which is like an apartment, and they cost more because that's when you have to provide your own dishes and you don't get a meal plan like you would in a dorm. In the dorms you have 5 floors. There are guys floors and girls floors, and two RA's live on each floor in case you have a problem, and they also plan activities inside the dorm for residents to attend, so that they can meet each other. Don't bring too much stuff because the rooms aren't big, especially with 3 people in a room. Also bring a fan, a lot of people buy the big square fans because it can get hot in the rooms. When you first walk into a dorm, there's a big lounge area and a desk where two RA's sit, so that they can sign your guests into the building. There's a basement with a pool table and ping pong table. You have to swipe your school ID to get into the building, and of course use your key to get into your room.