Southern Connecticut State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very optimistic but then again they're pessimistic at the same time ; most of them just want to give up on school already, and wait until the nest semester to start up again,or even take a year off of school and go travel.


My classmates are really friendly.


The student body is diverse. Members of the community come from countless cultures with broad interests. Generally, they have initiative and are proactive.


Classmates are intrested and dedicated to their education.


There is a mix of students on campus of all races, religions and sexual orientations. I don't think anyone would feel out of place here. You'll find that the majority of the girls wear leggings, and northface. The boys kind of just wear jeans and a shirt, but they do wear nice basketball sneakers, or skate shoes. Some students work on campus, or somewhere else, as well as going to school.


At times they sound uninformed, other times they sound cleaver or intelligent ; my classmates come from all walks of life and I love them all because I get to learn a little bit of something from the best of them.


Know when it was time to play and when it was time for business.


My classmates are interesting.


Fun, charismatic, and enthusiastic about what they want to do with their lives.


My classmates are made up of a variety of gifted individuals. While we are all different, it is our unique character traits that compliment one another and allow for great friendships and commrodary to form. There are the academically driven students who encourage you to strive for that A, and there are the socially driven students who remind you how to laugh and relax. All for one and one for all, I would say that my cross academic and cross cultural classmates and I look out for each other as a community looks out for the health of its people.


My classmates were fun and supportive.


My classmates are compassionate, driven for success, and really are like a family.


Many students in the lower-level courses seem as though they could not care less about their academic career. Some of them are rude, and will even go so far as to make fun of professors during class. It seems like some of them have trouble reaching the maturity level of a true college student. Once I started taking courses in my major, I found that I had a lot in common with many of my classmates and many of us are in the same classes each semester. We collaborate and work well as students of the Foreign Language Department.


My classmates are hard working individuals whom try very hard to study and get somewhere for this competitive working enviroment and don't hesitate to celebrate with friends and have a good time.


My best friends, trusted allies, mostly computer geeks.


Classmates are helpful.


Everyone is mostly really friendly, i dont really know anyone you is not doing well in classes.


the classmates are highly intelligent, not afraid to share their views, and very supportive.


One thing that I love about the classmates I have had is that they have so much to contribute to classes and are true participants in education. I love having classmates that do not just settle for the easy way out, but instead try to push the limits and think outside of the box. This allows me, as well as other classmates, to be a better student, to learn more and think about class topics in ways that we otherwise would not have. Without these classmates, I would not have such a worthwhile experience in the classroom.


SCSU has a very culturally diverse population, it would be impossible to explain them in one sentence.


Everyone is very clicky.


The students at SCSU are overall a friendly group of people.