Southern Connecticut State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I find myself mostly bragging about my schedule. I find that SCSU has a lot of classes during the middle of the day, which avoid waking up early in the morning. As well as a lot of monday, wednesday and tuesday, thursday classes. This way I avoid taking friday classes essentially making my week only four days. This allows me to get all my work done in a timely manner and avoid getting stressed out. I also brag about the lack of stress that I experience even though I am an A student.


It is big, and a very beautiful school. The professors are wonderful and very knowledgeable.


There are plenty of things to do downtown and around campus. There are a variety of classes that are offered at this school and all are interesting and taught by well-educated professors.


It is a great school with many opportunities to meet new friends. It has a very modern library to do research on those hard term papers. Excellent teachers and staff.


The size and the personability of the professors with the students. The president is seen all over campus mingling with students and the professors are very kind and willing to help.


How well I'm doing academically.


There'sa variety of stuff going on and there seems like there is something to do . aslo the varitey of classes offered.


I brag mostly about the beautiful campus, opportunities, and unique student body at Southern.


I brag the most about how much I love my classes and the people in them.


Nothing, I dont get to see my friends often because Im taking six classes and all I do is work and go to school.


That I love the Anthropology department and especially my advisor.


How easy some of the classes are.