Southern Nazarene University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Southern Nazarene University? Why?


the worst thIng Is that they force you to go to chapel unless you are marrIed or over 22 years old.


I can't think of anything that I don't like about my school.


I believe the student body as a whole could do a better job in merging all the different cultures, races, and ethnic groups to form one student body.


I think that is a great school. However, I think it needs to find a way to merge different cultures and backgrounds together on campus. There are different cliques, or people groups, that seem to stick together all the time. I think the community of Bethany Oklahoma, as well as the University, would benefit from the staff giving a bigger effort to bring together the university's students to be a "family" of sorts.


Because Southern Nazarene University is a small private Christian school, they sometimes do not have enough funding to give the highest quality college experience. There is an absence of some departments that I think are important and would be a part of if they existed there. This also causes the tuition to rise and scholarships and financial aid to be slim.


I was say that the worst thing about my school for me is the location. I commute 45 minutes each way to school and since I take evening classes I have to pass through Oklahoma City during rush hour.


The tutoring oppurtunities at Southern Nazarene University aren't as beneficial as they should be. The tutors avaliable are mainly kids with and education level that is minmally above the students. Sometimes going in for tutoring only causes more confusion rather than assisting students in solving their problems.


Closed-minded, conservative faculty and staff. Campus housing and policies are also terrible.


THe worst thing about this school is its location, which is smack dab in borring Oklahoma.


The school is strict on behavioral codes and if that is something you do not want, this school is not for you. Also, this school shelters its students from the real world.