Southern Oregon University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


During my first year of college, I have noticed that there are many different social groups and all have a wide variety of interests.


happy go-getters of various sorts


My classmates are best described as a melting pot.


my fellow classmates at SOU and Rogue Community college are friendly and ready to learn.


My classmates are diverse, intellectually, ethnically and educationally but most are kind and helpful.


This is a very open minded school. Everyone is excepted for who they are. In fact, the queer resource center is a huge part of our school. They throw dances and activities for the whole campus to join. Social groups are almost don't exist. Everyone hangs with everyone. The students here are casual, even the "preps" are relaxed and non-judgemental. There are, like many schools, activist groups on campus. Politics isn't an issue at SOU. All students accept the fact that not everyone has the same views. A majority of the students are from California, but none seem to fit the stereotype. All in all, the students are "chill".


My classmates are very diverse and also very dedicated to what they do.


Most people are incredibly passionate, outrageously talented, remarkably kind, and entirely entertaining.


It takes time to get used to one's fellow college students. There are so many different types of people that are not so easily come by in high school. Age and race differences was just the beginning. But with an open mind these wonderfully unique people accepted me as one of their own. My classmates are so helpful and interesting. Most of them know how make life fun without taking it overboard, but just barely.


Most of my classmates are White, in-state students with a very limited view of the world.


Students at SOU value differences, enjoy the outdoors, are laid back, and friendly.


I find that my classmates within my major have high expectations for themselves and strive to let it shine through in their work.


From varied economic backgrounds and we all seem to be trying to get our bachelors degrees for better pay in our future careers.


My classmates are open-minded and willing to help each other with difficult class work by sharing notes and ideas.


a lot younger than me


Fun, and very entertaining.


A very diverse group of people to say the least. Many of them are from the surrounding countryside so they are from small communities and might have a graduating class that is smaller than some of their classes. There are also a lot of artistic and theater oriented individuals at this school