Southern Oregon University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


A lot of the students are there because they need a degree to get a job - not because they care about the work. That attitude is very pervasive and tends to undermine one's academic efforts.


The worst thing I can think of that effects me is that the food is expensive and their meal plans are less than attractive, Despite how good the food is.


The worst thing about Southern Oregon University is how small it is. This is good for many people but on the other hand, more students end up hating the school. Many students come here thinking a small school is gonna be right for them but then find out once they are here that there isn't enough to do to keep them busy. To make it simple it gets boring in this small town.


The worst thing about my school so far is that Women's Studies is not a major, and that is what I am most passionate about. There is a great Women's Studies program and teachers but no major. Sometimes the organization of the administration concerning housing, financial aid, money, etc, is not good either. They are not helpful in finding out what is really important to know.


Its too far away from a big city.


i do not like the fact that most of the classes are lecture classes.


The school website is really hard to navigate . When something is typed into the search bar, chances are what comes up is not what was needed. Going through the various buttons and drop downs takes a long time to get to what you need, and it is even more inconvinient to try to call and ask because being on hold takes up a lot of time also.


The lack of healthy choices in the vending machines is a big problem for me. I, and many people I know, have dietary restrictions. In order to get a snack that is not chips or candy, we have to buy things off-campus, which takes a huge chunk out of our already tight budgets. Simply adding gluten-free or vegan choices into the mix seems simple, but because everything is provided by an outside company, we are stuck with what is currently offered.


Dorm rooms are very small and the food in the cafeteria is not good some of the time.


The worst thing is having different political views on such a liberal campus especially during the '08 Presidential Election and persoally for me the openedness about sex, homosexuals and transgendered people. Not that I am agaisnt that lifestyle but I dont flaunt that I am a heterosexaul and would pefer that homosexuals do the same.


Finding a parking place at the SOU campus can be tedious. There are so many students who are attending and generally many students are trying a space to park as well and buying a parking permit is required in most areas. The parking permits can get pretty expensive over the school career.


The worst thing about my school is that all the school sponsored activities don't seem very "cool" and associating with RA's or other program and club members is looked down upon by the majority of the school. None of the activities ever end up being as cool as they say they will and are really underfunded.


The worst thing about Southern Oregon University is the lack of budgets for academic programs. Because it is a small university some majors such as geology have been cut in recent years. Often students may need to transfer to another school to finish the academic program of their choice.